Chapter 1474 - About to See Them 3

1474 About to See Them 3

“Z’s style of working? Do you mean acting outrageously?” Eric felt the same way. Seriously, did he think that the police station was his house? He came and left anytime he wanted. Sometimes, he even sent them presents. He actually sent them presents during Christmas!

Eric had seen many culprits before but he had never seen such an outrageous culprit!

Eric could never forget the Christmas card that Z had left for them. There was only one sentence on the card. “After eating my sweet, you must work hard. If not, you won’t be able to catch me.”

Seriously, he was really asking for a beating!

Qin Mo looked at the unwillingness exuding out of the person’s eyes. He raised his eyebrows and said, “I’m referring to the fact that the people Z sent to you are always those rascals that should be in prison but managed to escape their sentence because they found loopholes in the system. Hence, the police were unable to take care of them.”

“That’s right!” Eric heaved a long sigh. “That’s why he has a great popularity among civilians. You might not know about this. When he just came out, someone even confessed to him in an interview and said that she would only marry him! She even said that his action of sending the culprit and the pieces of evidence of his crimes to the police was extremely cool. He is cool but what about us? We take care of so many cases but no one compliments us.”

Qin Mo glanced at him indifferently. Eric knew that he had diverted from the main topic so he wanted to change it back when he heard the other person opening his mouth and saying, “You are not handsome enough.”

Eric: … Could they find a new partner for the Almighty!

“As for other things, for instance, Christmas presents and cards, I can see what kind of person Z is.” Qin Mo’s fingers stopped moving when he said this.

Eric was anxious. “What about Z?”

Qin Mo seemed to just regain his senses. Some other emotions appeared in his eyes. His voice was indifferent as he replied, “He’s a little naughty.”

“He isn’t just a little naughty.” Eric had enough of the torment during this period of time. He started complaining without stopping. In the end, he grabbed his hair and felt his head hurt. “Fortunately, Z hasn’t killed anyone. No, wait, Z should have killed someone before but that was long ago in the past. The other person was a teacher. This was what we discovered a while later. However, the case didn’t happen here. It happened in an unknown small state. When we were investigating cyber-attacks, we found this case. But the case is still uncertain. Some people said that the teacher couldn’t handle the pressure and fell down accidentally. We tried to restore what happened that day. It was indeed the second case. He fell off the building accidentally. However, there was one thing we know. Z was definitely there.”

Qin Mo’s pupils suddenly narrowed. “Are you sure that that was the first time Z launched a cyber-attack?”

“I can’t say that that was the first time he launched a cyber-attack. It’s more accurate to say that that was the first time he revealed himself.” Eric summarized all the information he had and continued, “He did some small actions before but at that time, it was like… How should I explain it? As an investigator, I feel that this was a huge turning point for Z. If not, he wouldn’t have suddenly changed his style of working. How do I put it? It’s very mysterious.”

Qin Mo opened his mouth at this moment. His statement was accurate. “He changed from not knowing what he was doing to knowing what he must do.”

“That’s right!” Eric snapped his fingers. “That’s what I meant.”

Qin Mo looked up and said calmly, “Investigate.”

“Investigate what?” Eric blinked confused…