Chapter 1475 - The Handsome Jiu

Chapter 1475 The Handsome Jiu

Qin Mo’s pupils were light-colored naturally. Now they seemed a little darker. “Investigate what the teacher did. Normally, the turning point of someone occurs because of someone close to them. Find the people close to this teacher and you will be able to find Z.”Eric stuck out his tongue for a moment before saying, “What kind of investigation method is this?”

“Psychology,” Qin Mo spoke slowly. “The things a person does is always related to his surroundings. The psychology of a murderer is reflected in the crime scene. Z’s psychology when he was committing the crime can be found at the crime scene too.”

Eric honestly felt that the high school student they had invited was a little amazing. “However, it’s too late to go there now.”

“Make a call and request the other side to cooperate with the investigation.” When Qin Mo said this, his gaze was fixed on the street. “Also, give me a 3D copy of the Fifth Avenue.”

Eric was puzzled. “Why do you need to look at the map.”

“To find someone.” Qin Mo only gave him three words as the answer. Then he stopped speaking.

On the other hand, Eric was very busy. He had to contact someone and then apply for another thing. Then he still had to drive the car and catch up with that rascal. After all, Z would always kidnap the culprit. If the analysis of this high school student was right, Z would definitely appear beside Smith.

It had to be said that Eric was really smart this time. Who said that Z didn’t appear?

This person called Smith was naturally a pervert and liked to fool around with young women.

There was a place that, after being locked up for one week, he would definitely visit; the Bading Street. It was a famous nightclub on Fifth Avenue.

Smith liked Asian ladies. Here, if you lived a life of luxury and dissipation, it was very easy to see Asians here. There were many young people. It was impossible for him not to go there.

He would go there to have a drink and have some fun even if he just wanted to wash the unluckiness away from him. Also, it was a holiday today.

One could say that before night fell, the celebration had already started. There was an opera house beside the night club. It was said that today, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ would be playing in the opera house.

On the other hand, the nightclub was having a masquerade. Thus, everyone was dressed in an unconventional style.

On the grandstand at the furthest right of the nightclub, a young man with black hair wearing a jacket was shaking the dice with his hand. The tips of his fingers seemed to be shining. There was something black shining on his left ear too.

The red-haired student sitting next to the young man had astonishment written all over her face. The young man smiled and said in English, “Guess how many points it will be.”

“I don’t know.” Seriously, who was able to guess it?

The dice this young man revealed were always the same. They were either six sixes or six ones.

“It looks like it’s a little difficult for you.” Bo Jiu stood up. Because of her actions, her clothes floated up and revealed a small segment of her waist. A black mark was seen for a brief moment.

At this place, no one would notice it though. It was a very small alphabet with a rose symbol. It looked as though it bloomed on her fair skin. Z. It was a name that was enough to create a commotion.But she was hiding in the darkness at this moment.

The young man picked up the guitar at the side casually. There were three black rings on his fingers. Most of the time, many people wouldn’t be able to guess her gender correctly.

This was the person who was so cool everyone at the scene screamed and cheered for her. Everyone said that this singer was different. This singer was the only person who dared to sing Chinese songs here and was still able to liven up the atmosphere.