Chapter 1476 - On and Off the Stage. Can You See?

Chapter 1476 On and Off the Stage. Can You See?

A strum was heard! It was a sound made by the electric guitar.The youngster jumped on the stage and smiled. She was wearing a black feather mask but the mole below her eyes looked extremely arrogant.

The moment Bo Jiu placed her fingers on the electric guitar, the atmosphere of the place heated up!

At the entrance, the police from America came in while they were making their rounds. They seemed to be doing their daily checks.

Bo Jiu stood on the stage and saw them. However, she didn’t get affected at all. The black jacket and the way she held the microphone with her fingers were both handsome. Her voice floated over.

She was singing in Chinese, “The clock bell chimes the signal to go home. In his life, there seems to carry a small sigh of regret. Dark skin gives him the meaning of his life’s devotion to the color struggle. The years have changed possession into loss. The set of fatigued eyes still carries hope.”

It was the rock version of ‘The Glorious Years’. Music had no boundaries. As long as the atmosphere livened up, the people below the stage would wave their hands naturally.

This greatly interfered with the police’s actions. However, there was nothing they could do. After all, they didn’t have any evidence in their hands. The only thing they could confirm was that Smith had arrived 15 minutes ahead of them. He managed to hook someone and was swaying among the crowd.

Based on the order given by the highest authority, Z would appear here. But there were so many people. Where would Z be?

Every single policeman participating in the mission had a serious expression. After all, their desire to catch that person was extremely strong. Now they finally had the chance. How could they give up?

However, none of these policemen looked at the youngster who was holding a microphone in the dark. The youngster’s eyes were still lit up brightly. She looked like a cat teasing her mice. This meant that the game was just starting!

Eric walked in at this moment. Qin Mo followed behind him. He was still wearing the school uniform he had worn in China.

When the people in the nightclub saw him, a hint of astonishment flashed past their eyes. However, when they remembered that they were having a masquerade today, they started accepting his style.

Even though this Asian came wearing a tracking suit, the cold and elegant aura around him caused the air around him to lower in temperature.

Why did the foreigners think that Almighty Qin was wearing a tracking suit? Everyone, please recall what the school uniforms in China looked like…

Eric felt that someone like Qin Mo wasn’t compatible with this kind of messy place. His head would probably start hurting in a while. Should he remind the Almighty that the way they played here at the Fifth Avenue was different from how they fool around in China?

“Do you think that the music is too loud!?” Eric shouted this sentence.

Qin Mo placed one hand in his pocket. His side profile was indifferent and handsome. Many people started turning their heads to look at him but he walked through them as though he was walking into a classroom. “Where is Smith?”

This was what Qin Mo had asked Eric to do a while ago. He had asked Eric to send someone to watch over Smith. After all, this was a masquerade. If Smith wore other people’s clothes, they would have trouble finding him.

Z might take this chance to kidnap Smith. He didn’t care what would become of Smith. He just wanted to know who exactly that Z was.

That was right, this was the real reason why Qin Mo decided to come to Fifth Avenue after looking at that information.

The military had sent him a message too. They asked him to go back in a few days. Before going back, he was unwilling to give up without coming to Fifth Avenue. After all, the other party was a hacker, right? What was more, they were an extremely smart hacker.