Chapter 1477

Chapter 1477 Untitled

Eric looked at the Almighty’s face and felt that he was thinking too much. No matter how loud the music was, the Almighty was the Almighty. From the moment he stepped in, his expression had never changed.At that time, Eric still didn’t know that there was a kind of deduction talent in this world. When they were immersed in their deduction, they acted as if they entered another world.

If you analyzed it from the psychology point of view, two situations were beneficial for thinking. One was complete silence while the other was extreme noise. Under such circumstances, the brain would be able to spin faster. Of course, before that, you must be a genius and master first.

Actually, from the moment Qin Mo had entered the nightclub, he had started immersing in his own thoughts. Everyone said that the highest stage of crime-solving was to imagine that you were the culprit.

If he was Z, what would he do?

Undoubtedly, the atmosphere here was the best. The more people there were, the easier they were able to do something amidst this mess.

It was best to act when no one expected it. But there were cameras here and they had placed their men inside beforehand. How was Z going to escape? Of course, as a hacker, Z would definitely have gotten the content of the police’s mission. What if the information on the mission was fake?

That was right, Qin Mo wouldn’t come unprepared. He had already finished a distraction. Arranging the mission was one thing but the final target was another matter. It was simple logic. If they tightened their search in this area, Z would definitely appear in a direction different from their searching area. If they weren’t able to stop Z’s plan, they could intercept it.

“Give me Smith’s position.” Thinking about this, Qin Mo’s elegant and handsome side profile turned stern.

Eric looked past the crowd and pointed at the foreigner whose face was red. “This kind of rascal should be beaten up badly!”

Qin Mo acknowledged him in a soft voice. Then he closed his eyes and automatically blocked all the sounds around him. He prepared to enter his deduction mind once again.

But when he was about to do this, he realized that he could block the sound of music, the sound of chatting, and the sound of whistling. However, there was one sound he couldn’t block from entering his mind: the sound of singing.

Qin Mo opened his eyes. There was a flash of light in the depth of his gaze. Suddenly, he looked towards the highest spot on the stage. He furrowed his brows and said, “Chinese song?”

“It’s nice, right? This singer is not bad. He is probably the first person who dared to sing a Chinese song here.” Eric started humming along as he spoke.

Qin Mo’s voice was very soft. “The Glorious Years. It’s affecting my thoughts a little.”

“Affecting your thoughts?” Eric didn’t understand the world of a master.

Qin Mo’s gaze turned slightly pale. “Chinese is my mother tongue. Also, I listen to this song frequently.” The more familiar something was, the harder it was to block it.

Since Eric still didn’t understand, Qin Mo could only find other methods. “Can we go to the backstage of this nightclub?”

“Yes.” Eric showed him a piece of paper. “I specially applied for a search warrant.”

Qin Mo glanced at the person on the stage again. The mask was blocking so he couldn’t see the singer’s face clearly. The only thing that left an impression in Qin Mo was the pair of dark black eyes that looked like the late night as well as the shimmering mole under their eyes. The more special something was, the stronger the impression it gave.

To Qin Mo, its effects were great. He needed to throw some things away before he could make a complete analysis. However, he received a distraction. It seemed like this time, he could only find where Z would appear with the help of the surveillance…