Chapter 1478 - Untitled

Chapter 1478 Untitled

When Qin Mo lowered his gaze, he didn’t notice that the youngster singing on the stage was looking at him blatantly. No, it was more accurate to say that at the start, Bo Jiu wasn’t looking at him. She was looking at Eric. After all, this was an old friend of hers.However, the handsome young man standing beside her old friend and wearing a school uniform caused Bo Jiu, who never made a mistake on the stage, to pause her singing for a second before she managed to continue the music again.

Fine, taking this chance, she should teach her prey today a good lesson.

Bo Jiu held her electric guitar and jumped down from the stage.

At this moment, Smith was already enchanted by the university student that he hooked on. He just wanted to bring this person away as soon as possible. He didn’t notice that the silver-black youngster who walked past him would stick a tracking device on his body.

The police actually appeared at this place. This really made him lose his appetite. Because of this, Smith really wanted to leave. He gave the university student something to drink so that when he lifted his hand, the university student fell into his arms.

That was why he said that he shouldn’t be blamed sometimes. They were the ones who liked to get hooked. Smith half-hugged the lady and started walking out. In these places, no one would stop you from bringing anyone else out. In addition, he felt guilty too so he evaded the police’s vision. However, he didn’t know that his unluckiness would start the second he left this place.

At this time, in the surveillance room at the backstage of the nightclub, Qin Mo looked at the eight screens in front of him. His side profile was still handsome. “Increase the speed.”

The person in charge of the surveillance room changed the speed for him.

Qin Mo didn’t move his eyes. “The fastest speed.”

The person-in-charge paused for a moment before increasing the speed. Eric watched the images until his eyes turned teary. He only saw those people flying past the screen quickly. Whose eyes were able to bear with this speed?

Less than a second after looking at the screen, he rubbed his eyes unconsciously. However, there was no change in Qin Mo. Instead, those images were able to appear in his mind clearly as he screened through them. In the end, he would be able to confirm his target.

But this time, there was nothing. How could there be nothing? There must be something he missed.

Qin Mo looked at the images again. Deduction meant catching the important pieces of evidence. A successful culprit was like a magician. When you were extremely focused on something, you would ignore other important details.

If that happened, the other party’s magic would succeed. As for those people watching the magic trick, they wouldn’t know what happened even at the end.

If Z didn’t need to be in any disguise, if they were not a cleaner and none of the guests here; if they didn’t disguise himself as the university student that fell prey to Smith, who could Z be?

Maybe he should change his direction. For instance, the place with the best view.

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes and suddenly opened his mouth. “Rewind for 30 seconds. Locked in.”

Eric didn’t know what happened at all. He just saw an image freezing on the screen. It was the youngster with the guitar standing on the stage. The youngster was still wearing a black feather mask. The jacket on his body looked handsome on him. He played the guitar very well.

Eric didn’t understand why the Almighty had asked the person to freeze the video at this time.

“Move 50 seconds forward.” Qin Mo ignored Eric’s gaze. His tone was as calm as before.

Eric opened his mouth and wanted to say something. But he was shocked by the image displayed on the screen. No, wait. Could there be such a coincidence?