Chapter 1479 - Untitled

Chapter 1479 Untitled

The image on the screen showed the moment Bo Jiu touched Smith. In the past, Eric didn’t connect these two people together at all. Could it be that he just bumped into Smith? After all, other people bumped into Smith too. However, it was obvious that the Almighty didn’t think of it this way.Eric clearly noticed that after the Almighty saw this scene, a faint light lit up in the eyes of the youngster wearing the high school uniform. “This person is most probably Z.”

“What?!” Eric couldn’t accept the fact that his favorite singer at the nightclub was the Z that always played with them every day. That person didn’t look like a hacker at all. Shouldn’t a hacker be wearing a black cap, black clothes, and holding a laptop in his hand?

“Qin, did you make a mistake? I think that…”

Qin Mo turned his head and said in a cold tone, “The best view in this entire place. Where is it?”

“On the stage.” Eric was a policeman after all, although he wasn’t so smart.

There were no emotions in Qin Mo’s voice. “That’s right. It’s on the stage. If you stayed on the stage, you can find Smith anytime. No one would notice anything wrong when they were hunting their prey because it was normal for a singer to look at the audience. At the same time, you could see all the policemen’s actions and locations. If I’m Z, I would choose to stand on the stage.”

Eric opened his mouth once again. “But he isn’t the only person standing on the stage. There are many other people…”

“They’re the most suitable candidate.” Qin Mo recalled that pair of eyes he saw a moment ago. This time, he didn’t rely on his deduction. He used his instinct all the way until the image paused and the singer knocked into Smith.

That knock seemed natural. It looked as though he was unable to evade Smith because there were too many people. In actual fact, a person would naturally tilt their body when they were about to bump into someone.

The singer didn’t bump into Smith because he wasn’t able to evade him. There was an 80% probability that he bumped into Smith purposely.

Qin Mo froze suddenly. He turned and looked at Eric. “Where is Smith now?”

The person at the side swayed. He was stunned too. “Smith seems to have left the nightclub.”

Eric’s expression changed instantly when he heard this piece of news. Then he rushed out of the room immediately. Qin Mo didn’t stop him. Instead, his gaze landed on the youngster with a guitar.

He walked over slowly and went in the opposite direction. Although the small details that happened were unexpected, everything was still within his grasp. Z would choose the best route with the best vision to carry out his plan.

Since the situation was as such, he would use the police as his compass this time. As long as he went in the opposite direction of the police, he might be able to meet that person.

Qin Mo couldn’t explain what he was feeling now. His fingers were freezing a little from the wind blowing outside but he couldn’t feel the coldness at all.

Instead, many emotions were brewing in his chest. He had never told anyone about these emotions. Maybe he shouldn’t make such connections at all. Not all hackers must be her. But the Chinese song caused Qin Mo’s emotions to change entirely.

The one on Fifth Avenue wasn’t a local. He was sure about it. If it was a foreigner, he would never be able to sing this song, ‘The Glorious Years’.

Hence, it might really be her. The little tiger that he had searched for 13 years but didn’t know where she had gone. It felt as if the little figure would appear the moment he closed his eyes.

She had rolled around on his bed. When she had been naughty, she would hug him and call him Momo. When her teeth had hurt, she would cover half of her face with her left hand. But she had still remembered to bring milk for him. She would tell him seriously that she would be obedient. She would carry a piggy bank around and tell him that she wanted to buy him.

Sometimes, when he had been asleep or when he had looked out of the window, she would place her soft little paw on the side of his face and say cutely, “Momo, do you want to go back to China? Do you miss your mother? You can miss her properly. I will accompany you.”

She was like an idiot. She had thought that he was a lady. She hadn’t known how to roll up her sleeves and she would carry her little keyboard around to play. But she had been warm like a little heater.

However, suddenly, the little heater had been gone.

Qin Mo always had one thought. If he had been a little more mature, would the ending be different? She had originally been naughty but he had been raising a child. There was nothing wrong with doting on her. Why had he quarreled with her that day?

During the first year she had disappeared, he had still been angry. He had been angry that she had left so hurriedly without telling him anything.

Did she know that he might really have made a mistake and misunderstood that she went out with Little William to play? She could have just punished him slightly. She could have stopped seeing him for a month, three months, and maybe even half a year – but she didn’t have to disappear for such a long time. She probably never knew why he felt regretful.

What fun things did she see? What delicious snacks did she eat? What friends did she make? Did she grow taller? She was probably still as naughty as before. But there wouldn’t be anyone buying candies for her when she wanted to eat candies…

She had grown up now. She should be able to roll up her sleeves herself. She wouldn’t fall every time she took a step.

Qin Mo stopped in his tracks when he thought about this. He turned his head and seemed to smile for a second. If Eric saw this scene, he would be so shocked that he didn’t know what to say. The Almighty was smiling! This genius actually knew how to smile?

Qin Mo was indeed smiling. Even though he didn’t know why he was smiling, it was probably because whenever he thought of that person, his heart would soften naturally.

That was about 90% true. There was another important point. The little tiger had a mole under her eye too. At that time, the mole wasn’t obvious. She had grown up now so she should be beautiful…

“Achoo!” Bo Jiu sneezed as the wind blew past her. She didn’t care about the small mistake she had made on the stage a moment ago. However, she wondered where her old friend found this high school student. He was quite handsome.

Bo Jiu loved to look at people’s faces. She didn’t know when she had started having this habit.

When she heard the sirens from the police cars flying past her, she lifted the corners of her lips slightly and gave an evil smile. She held a knife in her hand and closed in on Smith’s face easily. She had already tied Smith to the telegraph pole.

Smith never thought that he would be in such a situation. Now he knew what fear was. However, he didn’t manage to change his fierce attitude. “Don’t you want money? I can give you money. Let me go! If not, you won’t be able to get anything at all!”

Bo Jiu smiled. She lowered her back and said, “Are you treating me like the gangsters on the street? Who told you that I want money? You should stay in prison. You shouldn’t go anywhere else. I will give you a chance now. Do you want to die or tie yourself up and let me throw you at the entrance of the police station?”