Chapter 148 - His Little Brother Needs Discipline!

Chapter 148: His Little Brother Needs Discipline!

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The young man was lying in bed. She looked very pretty, especially with that face. The pure white cotton pajamas that she was wearing set off her skin perfectly and made it look like ceramic jade. Her silver hair was dashing, her face was beautiful, and the way she curled up her lips at that moment perfectly added some inexplicable sense of temptation.

Qin Mo glanced at “him” and stood up, lifting his right hand and putting her completely under the covers—out of sight, out of mind.

She needed to be disciplined.

“Later on, if you go to those dirty places again, it won’t be as simple as just tying you up.”

Qin Mo already knew this young man was born with good looks, but he didn’t expect that “he” would totally look like a ceramic doll.

Qin Mo suddenly thought of that gathering among the military compound kids. There was this young boy who would come into the square and sweetly call everyone big brother.

He didn’t know why, but he now rejected the things that were once normal to him.

The only thing he was sure of was that he didn’t want his little brother to become such an existence.

Qin Mo usually didn’t care about people’s sexual orientations.

But today, he was different.

It was his little brother, so how could “he” be under anyone?

Qin Mo turned away, his tall figure standing with a straight back. Contrary to his passionate thinking, his eyes were cold as ice, which affected the temperature all around him.

Fu Jiu dragged the cotton covers away with her free hand. The Almighty was already in the bathroom.

It looked like this time, there was no way for her to escape.

But, according to this god’s reaction, he was still holding a little bit of resentment towards her.

There shouldn’t be any more drama.

Fu Jiu tried to move her right hand, and a glint of bright light flashed across her black eyes.

This was not just some random knot!

It looked normal, but it was professional indeed. It was a cross-knot; even if you had a blade, it was difficult to untie it.

A man like this god was indeed tough to deal with.

In mainland China, there was no one who studied criminal psychology and knew how to make this knot at the same time.

If there was anyone… It should be someone from the police.

Or this god’s abilities were already beyond any restraint…

Thinking about this, Fu Jiu abruptly closed her eyes before opening them again after a few seconds. Her eyes were so mysterious that no one could figure her out.

Then, she whistled with great interest.

If not for the fact that this god recognized her as his little brother, she would really want to compete with this god a little and see who was better at this.

But now, there was no way for her to realize her dream anymore.

Speaking of dreams, she really should’ve bragged in front of Baby Feng.

Now, she got herself into this mess as well…

Fu Jiu tilted her head. Her fingers were still working on that black tie, but just as she was about to successfully untie it, this god showed up again.

He had just taken a shower, and his black hair was still wet, but he was fundamentally different from Fu Jiu.

Even like this, Qin Mo still carried a strong presence.

He didn’t have a towel on. He slowly walked forward with his long legs. After glancing at Fu Jiu’s actions, he curled up his thin lips. “Not bad, my dear little brother.”

“I can’t compare with Brother Mo.” Fu Jiu moved her hand again. “But I really want to pee now, what shall I do?”

Qin Mo predicted that the young man would have such an excuse, so he lifted his eyebrows, replying indifferently, “Get up, I will go with you.”

“Then I will hold it in…” Fu Jiu temporarily gave up on resisting. She lay back down, feeling very frustrated… So was he really going to sleep with her?