Chapter 1480 - Untitled

Chapter 1480 Untitled

Smith was still struggling. Who was she and how dare she speak to him so imprudently? “Do you know who I am? How dare you say such ruthless things!”Hearing this, Bo Jiu smiled. “Smith, you started off in the oil industry and now your company isn’t too bad but your methods are a little dirty. For instance, you dabble into other businesses while drilling for oil.”

When Smith heard the latter half of the sentence, his face suddenly turned pale and he narrowed his eyes.

“Just now, you asked if I know who you are.” Bo Jiu tilted her head. “Now it’s my turn to ask you, do you know who I am?”

Smith was not sure of her identity and hence didn’t understand how this youngster knew anything about him.

“Remember this name.” Bo Jiu raised her hand and wrote a letter on his chest with spray paint, her voice slow as she said, “Z.”

When he saw the letter forming, Smith’s eyes widened. Now they were trembling even more. There wasn’t anyone in the entire Fifth Avenue that didn’t know who Z was and that the person she targeted wouldn’t be able to escape; all of them would be sent to prison. But Smith had never expected Z to be such a youngster.

At that moment, he was sincerely afraid. After all, if Z took action, he wouldn’t have a chance to hire a lawyer at all. Because every single time, she would manage to find the most incriminating evidence that was enough for a lifetime imprisonment. Even the most brilliant lawyer wouldn’t be able to defend him in front of that evidence.

“Z, please, let me know how I have offended you; everything can be discussed.” Smith begged in a low voice, a thin layer of sweat forming on his face. “It’s about those goods, right? I can give you everything, we can share the profits, I can get it for you right now!”

Bo Jiu laughed lightly. “Smith, you don’t seem to know how I work. I will take over your goods but you will still have to be imprisoned.”

In that instant, malice appeared in his eyes. “Why must you be so ruthless! Z, we are all trying to make a living. Aren’t you afraid that your ruthlessness will put your life at stake?”

“That’s my business. As for the reason I dealt with you in such a manner,” a cold light flashed in her eyes, “Those girls that you have bullied, regardless of their nationality, you raped those you were interested in and sold those that you weren’t. You even forced some to their death. If you don’t learn to behave after going to prison, the words you said when you just came out is enough for me to kill you.”

Smith hadn’t expected that at all. After all, Z was still a criminal. Why did she have to help those?

“Heh, what an irony.” Smith sneered, trying to distract Z. “Z, don’t you find yourself hypocritical? You are obviously doing something bad and your money is not clean but yet, you are trying to stand up for others? Do you really think those people will treat you as a hero? If that were the case, there wouldn’t be many people who want to catch you in the citizen survey. Your presence makes them feel terrified. No matter what you do, you are bad and this is the truth. Got it?”

At this point, Bo Jiu stood up. There was a streetlamp behind her left arm. Beneath the backlight, she looked more like a mysterious vampire; noble, beautiful, and stunning. “Who told you that I am good?”