Chapter 1481 - Untitled

Chapter 1481 Untitled

Smith was struck speechless by the sudden overwhelming aura.Bo Jiu glanced at him. That was the last look. “I have never been good but it’s obvious we aren’t the same.”

With a sharp swoosh, a black cloth fell. Bo Jiu opened the door of the Lamborghini and, after setting up a time program, tapped the car window. “Little Blackie, it’s up to you now.”

“No problem, Master.” The undulating stripes of the smart navigation became consistent with the suddenly accelerated sports car.

Smith didn’t know where he was at all as it was black everywhere.

Bo Jiu turned sideways. Her long legs went across the motorcycle. She had to lead the police cars away. It was fast indeed. Bo Jiu laughed lightly and wore her helmet, lowering herself as she sped into the most boisterous area.

The Axe automatically blended into the night sky and she had already melted into the crowd the moment they came out.

Meanwhile, the program in the opera house had already started to play. A large pumpkin cart appeared in the middle of the road, along with a white horse wearing a helmet and a magician with a white dove on his hand. The air was thick with a festive atmosphere. It seemed to usher in an invisible celebration.

Bo Jiu, who had managed to lose the police’s trail, still had a ticket in her hand and was waiting in line like an ordinary spectator. In such a moment, she should let herself appreciate the perfect opera, right?

But the moment she wanted to walk forward, there was a change in the environment around her. More police cars flooded in. That wasn’t even all because the area behind her was blocked. This had never happened before.

Bo Jiu glanced up and saw a tall and slender figure nearby. Although he was still wearing his school uniform because of the strong light in the area, his appearance couldn’t be seen clearly.

Her gut made her aware of a certain danger and she didn’t continue forward. It was because of her negligence; she hadn’t thought much when that high school student appeared next to her old friend Eric.

But from the looks of it, he wasn’t simple at all. He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to break through from the right side. Hence, even his steps had turned casual and leisurely.

At the same time, she had opened up the communication device in her left ear. The black earrings flashed slightly and connected to the signal launch she had prepared.

She connected to a guitar placed in the coffee shop. But now it couldn’t be called a guitar anymore as it was an invisible notebook. After dismantling, you could no longer see its former self. Sitting next to it was a teenager wearing a pure white sweater. That was right, it was a youngster.

The 19-year-old Hoshino was a breath of fresh air when he smiled. He held a cup of coffee in his hand. When he saw the screen light up, he pressed his Bluetooth headset. “Z.”

“At nine o’clock, there is a man dressed in a school uniform.” Bo Jiu glanced sideways and the surrounding terrain quickly flashed through her mind. “Help me stop him.”

Hoshino’s gaze shifted. “Got it.”

He walked in the direction of the main road.

A timing device was hidden in the sleeve of her sweater. When Bo Jiu moved, she casually placed the device on the clown’s body. When she glanced up, she saw the man in school uniform walk towards her.

He was smart enough to intercept her and was definitely able to find her from this crowd. Hence, she wasn’t surprised when he walked towards her. But it wasn’t that easy to catch her…