Chapter 1482 - Untitled

Chapter 1482 Untitled

“Hoshino.” Bo Jiu glanced to the side and tapped her wrist.At that moment, Hoshino pressed the timing device in his hand, and yelled tacitly, “Bomb!” He turned to one side and was hidden in the crowd. His shout stopped the entire crowd. It was pure chaos!

Eric immediately raised his head, “Quiet, all of you keep quiet!”

No one was able to keep calm. How could they keep calm in such a moment?

It was a chaotic scene.

If it hadn’t been for a certain high school student who had glided over in their direction, raising his left hand to hold the clown that Bo Jiu had brushed past, perhaps the crowd still wouldn’t know where the ‘bomb’ was hidden.

After seeing this scene, Eric became so nervous he started to sweat. This was an opera. If anything happened here, the casualties and injuries caused would be massive! What should he do? What was he supposed to do!

Just when Eric was about to instruct the bomb expert over to the clown, he suddenly heard a loud bang. Qin Mo had used a metal stick to smash the pumpkin car. In that instant, the sound shocked the crowd into silence, all of them turning to look at him.

Qin Mo’s eyes were as calm as ever, even his disposition was the same, as if standing there was the most natural thing. “The bomb is fake. Z is using it to divert everyone’s attention.”

Eric paused. He believed Qin Mo since there was no reason not to. Ever since the Almighty had appeared, he seemed to have predicted everything Z did. It seemed as though he knew and understood her. But under such circumstances, he couldn’t just rely on a hypothesis. What if the bomb really exploded?

“The timer has started!”

Eric could feel sweat pilling onto his forehead.

Qin Mo placed the object in his hand. “Believe him, it isn’t a bomb.”

“Alright, Bro, if it really isn’t a bomb, why aren’t you holding it?” Eric shouted.

Qin Mo’s gaze shifted. “I have to find her.”

“Her?” Because of the language, Eric knew he was finding a female. Oh no, Qin, you’re going after a beauty at such a critical moment?

Qin Mo pressed his fingers. “Watch over this fake bomb.”

“Ah? Wait a minute! What if it’s real!” Eric couldn’t hold it in anymore. “There is a timer!”

Qin Mo’s voice was calm. “How can it fool you without the countdown? If it is that person, her strongest trait is being mischievous. However, I believe that whether or not she is Z, according to Z’s style of doing things, she will not implicate the innocent. Hence, this bomb must be fake.”

Besides, there was a 90% chance she was the little tiger he had raised. Regardless of how bad his little tiger was, she would never take lives.

“Hey, Qin! Qin!” Eric didn’t expect him to just leave after he placed the bomb in his hand, and now, his whole body was shaking.

A youngster in the crowd, wearing a black feather mask, cursed a little after hearing what the other party had said. Then she sped up and cancelled the opera program she always planned. She was wearing a black windbreaker, which seemed to be able to bring out the wind.

All the troubles from today had started when she had seen the good-looking high school student. The ancients hadn’t been lying, beauty was indeed misleading…