Chapter 1483 - They Me

Chapter 1483 They Me

Bo Jiu thought that it didn’t affect her disguise. It was probably difficult for someone she hadn’t met before to imagine such a scene.Even though they were amongst a crowd, she could easily take someone else’s cap. After placing it over her head, she removed her trench coat, flipped it over, and gave it a good shake before wearing it back. It was a new style. It was a fast disguise but not every hacker could do it. As the Hacker Lord, Bo Jiu seemed naturally gifted in the art of disguise.

Eric was still holding onto the bomb. Five seconds before it exploded, he shut his eyes tightly and prayed. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Bam!

A loud exploding sound erupted through the crowd. The sound was there but it didn’t have the slightest lethality. Instead, there were colored stripes floating down from above. When Eric was traumatized, the ‘bomb’ was still singing.

Then came a certain someone’s androgynous voice, which had a lazy magnetism. “Old friend, happy holidays.”

F*ck that! Eric raised his hand to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead.

She had to say, the Almighty was really amazing. If it had been anyone else, they wouldn’t have been able to find the bomb in such a short amount of time. The Almighty knew her thoroughly.

Bo Jiu didn’t like that feeling. She was being mischievous but it hadn’t brought out the effect she had wanted. One can only imagine how she felt. When had such a person joined the police? It wasn’t fun at all.

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes, her tear mole sparkling as she escaped half the crowd. She was almost at the alley. Once she entered, Little Blackie would be there to get her.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared behind her. Bo Jiu reacted quickly when she realized someone was near and tossed a flying kick over instinctively. The curve of her body was beautiful and carried the sound of the wind. But the other party was skillful as well. He reached out his arm to block her attack, his figure tall and elegant.

From this angle, Bo Jiu couldn’t see his features clearly but could vaguely make out the outline of his face. It was probably his eyes; they were too eye-catching.

How could he have these eyes? Even though they were black, it seemed to hide the entire milky wave. If it hadn’t been for the unique situation, she would have paused to admire. It was a pity that timing wasn’t the only problem.

He was still dangerous. After all, she was in the dark while he was in the light.

When the light came shining down, all she could see was the curve of his jawline.

He seemed to have said something but she wasn’t sure if she had heard right. “Follow me back.”

What? Bo Jiu frowned. She wanted to listen more carefully since it was too noisy.

Just then, Hoshino’s voice came through her earpiece. “Z, the police went to your place.”

She couldn’t be distracted by his good looks anymore. The police had probably smartened up and sent him as a honey trap. This was the first time she had met such a crisis during her work.

She turned and wanted to kick his hand away. Unexpectedly, that person’s movements were faster than her. They were still elegant and sharp. Compared to her, he seemed to carry a traditional education.

This person wasn’t from the police. Was he a soldier?

It was a fleeting thought. Thus, Bo Jiu didn’t think too much into it. When she heard the impending police alarm, she turned and unbuttoned the front of her trench coat.

He seemed to have seen through her thoughts. His left hand stretched forward…