Chapter 1484 - Felt Tenderness

Chapter 1484 Felt Tenderness

It was probably because of their position and also because Bo Jiu had tossed her trench coat on the ground. She was left with a white shirt.Qin Mo wanted to grab her but he hadn’t expected that because the person was sideways, he touched her tenderness. His fingers suddenly paused and he forgot all the connecting movements.

Bo Jiu arched her brow. In the instant he had loosened his guard, she hurriedly kicked the things beside her and glided through. The Lamborghini with smooth lines drew an arc, a beautiful rear move. Bo Jiu reached out and grasped the car door firmly. Then she leapt and sat in the main driver seat. “Speed up.”

“Yes, Master.” The smart system activated and turned into the automatic mode. The road map emerged, the green roads were smooth, the red ones were congested, there were even three-dimensional buildings.

With a snap, Bo Jiu closed the sunroof and turned the steering wheel with one hand, making a sharp 180-degree turn. She used her superb driving skills to throw off the police cars that followed.

The sky started to darken.

In the moment Qin Mo hesitated, he realized something. He probably wouldn’t be able to stop her. The information he had received had been inaccurate. Z was indeed used to operating by herself – but that didn’t mean she didn’t have any assistance.

Qin Mo remembered the male voice in the crowd just now and his fingers felt slightly cold from the wind that blew.

At this time, Eric ran over, panting. When he saw that Qin Mo was the only one left at the entrance of the long alley, he knew that Z hadn’t been caught. “This is already very good. At least we didn’t wait until the next day’s news. This time Z’s actions were not considered a success. Look at the time, there is a discrepancy with the notice he sent out before. Everyone knows Z is punctual but this time, with you around, he couldn’t act so arrogantly.”

Eric’s words weren’t a comfort. What he wanted to say was that the next time it happened, with the Almighty with them, they would definitely be able to catch Z.

Qin Mo glanced over, his voice calm. “Z is a girl.”

“Mmh?” Eric’s eyes widened in disbelief. “What did you say?”

Qin Mo glanced up but didn’t repeat his words.

It was this nonchalance that seemed more convincing. Eric was at a loss. Even though he had made the analysis previously that riding a bike and wearing windbreakers didn’t mean the person had to be a man, it was Z they were talking about.

Regardless, the young lord of the hacker world that left the citizens of Fifth Avenue obsessed was actually a girl?

That was right. There was indeed a powerful female hacker. Under normal circumstances, they would have an adorable appearance, looking naive and harmless so that others wouldn’t suspect them. But as many knew, their results could be seen on the hacker rankings.

Except for Z because her results were never flashed. She had a unique position in the entire hacker world. It seemed as though she couldn’t be surpassed.

Eric had looked into it but couldn’t get anything. The only result he had was the name Young Lord. Since the person was called a young lord, they should be male.

What’s more, both Z’s style of doing things and the occasional appearance of her windbreaker figure were so handsome. She didn’t look like a girl at all.

This point was crucial. Thus, Eric had to clarify. “Qin, how can you be sure that Z is a girl?”

Qin Mo paused, feeling the lingering sensation of the tenderness he had felt. For the first time, he didn’t make an analysis. Instead, he replied faintly, “I’m certain.”