Chapter 1485 - Jiu

Chapter 1485 Jiu

Bo Jiu seemed a little different from before too as she drove her Lamborghini through the stream of cars.

The navigation system adjusted itself automatically and reflected her emotions. “Master, based on the data transmitted from your seat, it tells me that your heartbeat is a little irregular now. Did I run too hurriedly just now?”

It had to be said that Little Blackie’s sentence came at the wrong moment. This was the first time someone had touched Bo Jiu’s chest and he was even a stranger. Bo Jiu felt strange for no reason. She lifted her hand and pulled her collar. However, her aura was still handsome and devilish. “Shut up.”

Little Blackie didn’t know why it got scolded. It was just concerned about its master. Was there something wrong?

Bo Jiu’s face was still hot. She winded down the car window and placed one hand outside. The wind blew against her black hair and her hair became messy. Slowly, the handsome but feminine face started to get clearer and clearer under the moonlight. After all, in order not to leave traces behind, she must take off the black feather mask on her face.

There were no police cars around her anymore. This also meant that she was completely safe. However, Bo Jiu didn’t let down her guard.

She only pressed the black watch strap on her wrist when she parked her car beside the black and blue telephone booth.

A loud ‘swoosh’ was heard. The shape of the telephone booth changed. It became a round-shaped arched door.

Bo Jiu drove the car in. When she drove in, she saw a person sitting there. He was holding a cup of coffee in his hand and wearing a pure white woolen shirt. He was tilting his head and looking at the moon outside. His figure was slender and tall and his side profile was fair and handsome. The man only turned his head when he heard the noise. “You’re back.”

“I almost couldn’t come back.” Bo Jiu pushed against the car door with her hands and jumped out of the car. Her landing posture was very handsome. When she looked at the man again, her eyes were shimmering. “This bunch of people even knows how to use the beauty trick against me. That is infuriating. Don’t you think so, Hoshino?”

Hoshino laughed softly when she heard this. He remembered the elegant and cold figure he saw on the street a moment ago. “That is the style you like?”

“Yes, not bad. Pure and innocent.” Bo Jiu took a packet of chocolate milk and held it in her mouth. Her gaze was dark. “Unfortunately, I didn’t see his face clearly.”

Hoshino took a sip of his coffee. “He has nothing to do with the pureness and innocence you mentioned.” That person, even though he was just wearing a school uniform, was able to pressure someone just by standing there. He wasn’t a simple person. As for the fact that Z used the words pure and innocent on this man, Hoshino didn’t take it to heart. After all, only Z would feel this way.

However, the more Bo Jiu contemplated it, the more she felt that she was right. After finishing her packet of milk, she threw it away casually with a single handsome action and turned around. “This is the first time I got intercepted by someone like this.”

Hoshino understood her intention. “I will go and look him up.”

“We should investigate him. Where did the police find this person? His calculation is powerful and his fighting skills are…” Bo Jiu paused for a moment. She took a piece of chocolate bean and popped it in her mouth. “A Chinese soldier. It should be easy to find his identity.”

Hoshino’s fingers stopped moving when he heard this. “You fought with him?”

“Yes.” Bo Jiu leaned back indifferently.

Hoshino frowned slightly. “Are you hurt?”

“I didn’t get hurt. It’s just that.” Bo Jiu stopped and smiled. “Nothing. Let’s see who this person is.”

She needed to know what the person who took advantage of her looked like…