Chapter 1486 - His Little Tiger Grew Up

1486 His Little Tiger Grew Up

While Bo Jiu wanted to investigate Qin Mo, Qin Mo wanted to find Z too. Maybe even more.

Even though the lingering feeling on his fingers affected Almighty Qin’s thoughts slightly, in essence, some things hadn’t changed at all. From 90%, he was now 99% certain that this was that person.

In the bathroom, Qin Mo looked at his palm. His mind was still floating but it wouldn’t affect his calculation. Yes, he could now confirm that his little tiger had grown up. The edge of his mouth lifted up uncontrollably.

When Qin Mo realized what he was thinking, his ears turned red at first. In the end, he laughed softly.

Eric stood outside while holding the newest files in his hand. He wanted to give this to the Almighty. Maybe it could give the Almighty some inspiration.

At that time, the investigation environment wasn’t like the present. Fine, this had nothing to do with the environment then. This was a hotel Eric had found. The sound insulation effect wasn’t that good.

Eric didn’t understand. Could it be that intelligent people were different from them? Was their way of relieving stress secretly feeling happy in the bathroom? What was the Almighty feeling happy about?

Just as Eric was about to start guessing, the door of the bathroom open and Qin Mo walked out slowly. There was a white towel on his black hair and the tips of his hair were still dripping with water. The lines of his waist were smooth.

As a man, Eric was stunned by this man too. Wait for a moment, wasn’t the Almighty a high school student? When he was wearing his school uniform, he seemed fair and arrogant just like a harmless prince. Why did he seem like a different person… when he took off his school uniform?

It had to be said that the school uniforms of China were a good thing. When a person wore the school uniform, it would definitely give people a different feeling compared to them not wearing it. As for what these feelings were, the people who wore the school uniforms before would understand it.

However, Qin Mo was still different from other people. What had changed? It was probably because Qin Mo had an aura of a ruler naturally. Now this aura was fully released.

Eric was stunned by the aura until he didn’t know what to do.

Qin Mo threw the towel at the side and casually picked up a black shirt. His gaze was deep. “What did you find?”

Eric passed the files in his hand over. Qin Mo quickly flipped through the document with his slender and fair fingers. Even when the drops of water fell, it didn’t affect his elegant and handsome side profile.

Once again, Eric understood what it meant by reading ten lines at a glance. Qin Mo didn’t just read quickly. Most importantly, he remembered everything he read.

The words reflected in his light-colored pupils.

Based on the study of deduction, with compiling the areas where the culprit often appeared to commit his crimes as well as a few small active areas, you would be able to deduce the other party’s base.

If he were her. No, that wasn’t right, he wasn’t able to think like her.

But based on someone’s naughty personality, some traces might be purposely left behind by her. Thus, he needed to differentiate which traces were real and which were left behind by her purposely due to her naughtiness.

Qin Mo flipped through the files again when he thought about this. It was obvious that this time, he knew what he was looking for; a detailed deduction as well as curve analysis.

Many people said that deduction was based on psychology. That was right. But a high-level deduction required some mathematical calculations too.

People who had watched ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’ knew that Ishigami was the best example. Geniuses are lonely. That was because few people knew that mathematics wasn’t so simple. The probability that was gotten through calculation was the ultimate goal…