Chapter 1487 - Z Made a Call

Chapter 1487 Z Made a Call

A 3D image appeared in his mind. Suddenly, Qin Mo opened his eyes and landed his gaze on the map of the Fifth Avenue. His eyes lit up. “I found it.”“Huh?” Eric had never seen the Almighty with this expression before.Qin Mo’s tone remained calm. “The entire grey area of the street. The gathering place of all underground workers, Revival Street.”

Revival Street was what they called this street online. Of course, this name was obtained through the translation of the Chinese name.

Let’s make an analogy. It pointed to the intersection between the light and the dark. You could find people from all kinds of professions there.

Eric frowned. “Would Z live in that kind of place? The conditions there aren’t good. Z should have a lot of money. Someone tried to calculate Z’s assets before.”

Of course, Z had lots of money.

All the people that Z sent to jail, Z would take over the party’s assets. Hence, what the rascal, Smith, had said was right.

Z’s money wasn’t clean. However, there was something strange. Sometimes, people living well would receive money from her. But Z would never give money to the beggars on the streets.

Eric felt that he was unable to understand Z’s thinking even till now. Hence, he asked Qin Mo about this matter.

Qin Mo glanced at him. “This isn’t difficult to understand. The money is hers. She can give it to anyone she wants.”

“I mean why doesn’t Z give the money to the beggars on the streets.” He didn’t understand.

Qin Mo spoke in a composed manner. “Beggars are able-bodied and mostly middle-aged. You should help a grateful person. If you help an ungrateful person for free, he will complain that what you give is too little. A person whose heart is not content is like a snake which tries to swallow an elephant. He is helping someone, not raising a demon. People who have no money aren’t always weak. There are many people who lay on the ground and pretend to be debt dodgers. They take other people’s things but think that it’s right and proper for them to do it. This has nothing to do with your education or your age. Hence, wealth isn’t the only criteria for choosing which families to help. You have to see if the other person needs it and is worth helping. Someone else should be taking care of these things.”

“Someone else?” Eric looked up abruptly. “Do you mean that Z isn’t working alone?”

Qin Mo started his detailed analysis. “The kidnapping and other actions are definitely done by a single person. Z gives the impression that she works alone. As for her…”

“His?” Eric didn’t know why the Almighty stopped talking at this point.

He just stood in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling window. The stars shimmered beside his face. There were other emotions on his handsome features.

Indeed, Qin Mo didn’t finish his sentence. It was destined that she wouldn’t have especially close friends around her. If she wanted to become Z properly, she needed to learn how to disguise herself. She needed to maintain her distance with everyone so that she wouldn’t be discovered.

Once she was too familiar with someone, emotions would form. As the young lord of the hackers, she mustn’t do things based on emotions. The greater your ability was, the greater was your responsibility. A single careless mistake might implicate the people around you.

Qin Mo looked up. He fixed his gaze on the cars moving outside. His heart was aching a little.

The things that he thought about, they didn’t happen to his little tiger. Could it be that no one had asked her whether she wanted to have a candy after she moved away from the Bo residence?

As soon as the thought struck him, Qin Mo’s side profile merged with the darkness.

This made Eric a little confused. At this moment, Eric’s phone rang. A series of unfamiliar numbers appeared on the screen. When he picked up the call, a soft laughter appeared on the other end of the phone. “It’s me, Z.”