Chapter 1488 - This Love Is Like Candy

1488 This Love Is Like Candy

In an instant, Eric’s eyes turned wide open. His right hand froze in mid-air and his first reaction was to ask, “From where do you have my phone number?”

“Is it strange that I’m able to get the phone numbers of the people working at the police station?” A beauty was sitting on a chair, wearing a headphone on her messy hair. “You are really smart now. You even tried to use the beauty trick against me. Hmph… But, Eric, I’m afraid that you don’t even know the other party’s background thoroughly, right?”

Maybe Eric’s expression was too special but Qin Mo, who was standing beside the window, retracted his gaze and looked at Eric.

Eric wanted to reply to Z but the person on the other end laughed again and said, “Your beauty trick is not bad. I will go and find him.”

The call was cut after she finished speaking. Then Eric looked at the Almighty’s cold eyes and automatically reported, “It was Z.”

Immediately, waves seemed to be splashing in the depth of Qin Mo’s gaze. He knew that the other party might be using an IP phone and it would be impossible to trace the call but he was still unwilling to give up.

In the end, he grabbed the phone tightly with his fingers. His back view was a little lonely. The loneliness got even stronger when he reached the Revival Street.

That was because his trail was broken. No matter how accurate his deduction was, it didn’t seem useful on Z. Or rather, after Qin Mo investigated for three days, he had a definite instinct. She wasn’t here anymore.

Qin Mo’s instinct was right, Bo Jiu had indeed left this place. She was all grown up now. After becoming the young lord of the hackers, Bo Jiu knew clearly what she needed to do.

It was better for her not to try what she was interested in – especially those geniuses that looked good.

The small towns in Europe were all extremely quiet. There was a castle on one side which looked as if it had been around for a long time. In the courtyard, a butler wearing a tuxedo was pruning the leaves and branches. There was a white beard on his face but his appearance was handsome like a gentleman. He would glance at the watch on his hand occasionally.

His young lord came back at night, just like usual. She didn’t come back frequently unless it was this day. On March 13, the real identity of the hackers had gotten discovered once again. After his master had gone out, he had never come back. From that day onwards, his young lord had become different…

The butler raised his head and looked at the figure standing under the tree. Besides him, no one else knew what the young lord was thinking.

She was giving candies to the children from the ranch. These children would only come when the young lord was around. As for his young lord, she sat there and raised her head. He wondered if she was looking at the sky or some other things.

A child asked, “Bo, why do you always like to give us candies?”

Bo Jiu didn’t reply immediately. She gave a devilish smile and said, “This is a complicated question. Maybe it’s because I hope that one day, someone will carry a piece of candy with him all along for me.”

“Carry a piece of candy all along? The candy will appear anytime you want?” The children opened their eyes wide. Their pupils were as blue as the sky, clear and beautiful.

Bo Jiu nodded and continued smiling. “If I can have candy anytime, that will be amazing.”

“Wow.” The children were thinking about this too. Saliva dripped down their mouths.

At that time, Bo Jiu didn’t know that her wish would come true one day. In this world, there was really such a person. Whether he was wearing a combat suit, a military attire, or a camouflage uniform for training, there would always be a piece of candy in his pocket, just like the gun he always kept beside him…