Chapter 1489 - Untitled

Chapter 1489 Untitled

The most regretful thing in this world was to miss someone. She no longer trusted anyone and thus went into hiding.At the same time, Qin Mo didn’t find any more information about Z. She seemed to have disappeared into thin air within a single night. Sometimes, the civilians even wondered whether Z really existed.

Qin Mo did think of looking for clues but most of the clues were fake. However, he didn’t give up. He slowly dug for her information a little by a little.

He never thought that when he cared about a person too much, other things would happen. This was probably what other people called the butterfly effect. That was because the people that were watching over him would definitely think of a thorough plan to take care of him.

Using the person he cared for the most would achieve the best effect. Thus, a scheme was planned slowly. First, Fan Jia came over. Everyone knew what happened. Her plan didn’t succeed. Qin Mo was still the same Qin Mo.

However, this was the first step of the hypnosis. This was also the first step the other party took to confirm that Z was the factor they could use to break Qin Mo down.

No matter what actions Qin Mo did, there would always be a continuation.

Hence, one month later at the interception at the borders, news about Z appeared again.

Bo Jiu went there. Qin Mo went there too. Bo Jiu went earlier though. As for Qin Mo, he only arrived after she had left.

Someone gave Bo Jiu a clue about Mr. Bo.

That was why she had come. She also did some rash actions. She didn’t expect the video of her jumping into the sea to get edited.

They waited for the person to come and play the video for him. To Qin Mo, the difficulty of this mission was extremely high. Rather than fighting with weapons, the psychological battle became the key.

After he had entered the location, he understood what he would be facing this time.

Saving the hostages was his main mission. But he didn’t know who he was supposed to save.

Or you could say that he couldn’t figure out the different levels of the hypnosis.

That mission was the same as what people had told him at the start. No one wanted to undertake it. Not only was it complicated, but it was also able to destroy a person.

At the start, Qin Mo concealed himself very well. After all, he knew what the other party wanted to do. Finally, when he found the remnants of the information left on the computer, he understood that these people were looking for the person he wanted to find.

They seemed to have found the answer already. They even knew that Z wasn’t a man but a lady; because he had investigated Z too thoroughly at the Fifth Avenue. They had used his deduction in their analysis.

The other party had even noticed another thing: Mr. Bo. They had used Mr. Bo to attract Z’s attention. If Z was her, she would definitely come here.

After Qin Mo had realized this point, he was unable to focus for the rest of the mission. Even though he knew that he was going to face a person who was able to sow a seed in his heart, once the seed was sowed, it would sprout and germinate.

If you had a problem with your mental state, you shouldn’t move forward anymore. Normally, under such circumstances, you wouldn’t be able to win against the other party.

Qin Mo leaned against the wall. His mind was still in a mess and his rationale told him that he couldn’t do it. However, at that point, he didn’t have much time to think. The only thing he could think of was the deductions he had made at the Fifth Avenue that had allowed the other party to find clues about her.

This was probably the mentality that caused everything to fall apart at the end. After Qin Mo saw that image, what he was thinking of when he soaked himself in the river was that he hadn’t lifted his hand to pull her.

He was the one who hadn’t pulled her. It was all because of him.

That day, Qin Mo’s hypnosis was planted. His memory turned messy and fragmented…