Chapter 149 - Sleeping in the Same Bed!

Chapter 149: Sleeping in the Same Bed!

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Looking at the young man’s fluffy head and wilted expression, Qin Mo’s normally low voice recovered a bit, “Therefore, don’t play your tricks on me. I tied you up to teach you not to flirt around with people, both in real life and in games, no matter whether they are men or women.”

What else could Fu Jiu say?

Big brother was totally talking down to his little brother.

Luckily, this god didn’t continue to attack her.

But Qin Mo’s next movement shocked Fu Jiu.

The way he posed looked like he was taking off his clothes fluidly; it carried his own brand of coolness.

Perhaps because his body was too nice, even with no clothing or accessories, that man gave out a vague sense of sacredness and inviolability just by standing there.

The Almighty was definitely someone who recognized no rules or regulations. Otherwise, as a scion of a wealthy family, he wouldn’t be playing games.

And he really tied her up after he said he would…

Fu Jiu’s position was directly facing Qin Mo, so it would be weird for her to turn her gaze away from the view.

Plus, no one could get enough of seeing a god’s body, so she simply put her hands behind her head and checked out that man from head to toe like she was appreciating a piece of art.

Qin Mo drank a glass of water every night before going to bed, so there he was, half-naked and tilting his head back to take a sip of water as his long fingers held onto the glass. With the movement of his effortlessly appealing waistline and his muscular chest with clear lines, a black Qilin 1 tattoo was revealed on the side of his waist.

Fu Jiu wanted to take a closer look at the tattoo, but her eyes met those sharp, deep eyes.

He bent over and stared at her. His flushed lips were an inch away from her, and she could feel his breath on her lips. “Why aren’t you requesting anything? Like for me to help you undress?”


You must be kidding.

How could I undress like this?

Even with the bandages and the hurdle vest, she still couldn’t take off her pajamas.

Fu Jiu laughed and composedly dealt with the situation. “How could I trouble Brother Mo with such an insignificant thing? I sleep with pajamas on!”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo didn’t pursue the topic further for now. He only turned away, took off his watch, and put it on the bedside table. He turned off the lamp and only kept a small dim light on beside the bed.

Then, he directly took off his unbuttoned pants. That long, big body lay down right next to Fu Jiu just like that. His tall nose carried a sense of inexplicable asceticism; under these circumstances, very few could still remain as luxurious and collected as peaceful water.

The rumors were all true.

If they put this god’s sleeping face on the poster, the Supreme Alliance would become a hit in an instant.

The room was spacious when there was only one person in it, but it felt completely different with just one more person inside.

Especially when the other person carried such a huge presence; this feeling was endlessly magnified.

Fu Jiu twitched the hand that was tied onto the bed. She turned her body a little with an extremely small movement.

She could smell a light scent of tobacco coming from that person sleeping next to her. Fu Jiu wanted very badly to turn back and look, because she had never really slept with anyone on the same bed before.

“Now you are quiet, huh?” The man’s rather cold voice could be heard. “The places you used to go to, there should be more than this right? If you hit on someone, you still need to have control over yourself. Don’t go under other people’s bodies so easily. If you don’t have enough control, I will be more than happy to correct your skewed values for you myself.”