Chapter 1490 - Jiu“s Pas

1490 Jiu“s Pas

When the other people found Qin Mo, he was sitting on the ground with an obvious wound on his wrist.

The mission had been completed. He had managed to shoot the leader of his enemy. But from that day onwards, Qin Mo started to have a high fever that didn’t subside for a long time.

This caused a couple of culprits to escape. Fan Jia was brought away by Kawang. From his point of view, his dead student finished his job perfectly. It wasn’t easy to plant a seed in Qin Mo’s mind. At the same time, the fact that he lost his beloved disciple caused his gaze to turn cold.

Qin Mo woke up on a plane. When he woke up again, he seemed normal but his memories were gone. Weren’t all humans like this? The more you cared about someone, the more likely it would become the demon of your heart.

No matter how old you were, you couldn’t be invincible. You would always care about what you cared most about.

In the beginning, no one noticed anything amiss with Qin Mo. Even Movie Queen An didn’t notice anything either. She was just worried about the wound on her son’s hand.

Slowly, Qin Mo started to forget about many things. When he saw the photograph of himself at the An family, he didn’t pick it up to take a look. He also forgot why he named his cat Princess. He forgot that it was because someone had thought that he was a princess in the past.

He had forgotten everything.

Grandpa An was the person who had the deepest feelings. The doctor suggested that it was better not to touch the things he was hiding in his heart. It could destroy a person’s state of mind very quickly.

This was especially true for a psychological profiler like Qin Mo.

If he wasn’t so smart or didn’t have such a powerful deduction ability, this might not have happened. He understood everything too well so he couldn’t let it go.

The only thing Grandpa An discovered that remained the same as the young Qin Mo was the amulet hung around his neck. There was nothing else left. He even forgot why he wanted to play computer games.

Of course, this wasn’t a bad thing. However, every time Grandpa An thought about this, he would feel sad.

As for Bo Jiu, after she returned to Fifth Avenue, she noticed that the man who used the beauty trick on her seemed to have left. This was all she managed to find out. She didn’t know what the person went through to find her.

Smith was right. Z’s existence wasn’t allowed. The world had its balance. If someone appeared and toppled this balance, death was their destination.

After Kawang took over the organization, he laid low for a period of time. Then he started screening through the pieces of evidence he found and finally discovered a point of penetration of the hackers. The greatest taboo for hackers was having no privacy.

This kind of method had been used before. The method that had caused Bo Jiu to lose her family appeared once again. Since she cared too much, Bo Jiu stepped into the trap. She didn’t even think about what the other party wanted.

When she arrived at the location, she found out that this was the start of everything. Due to Kawang’s study of psychology, it was impossible to guard against him. He knew how many steps he should use to complete a task; so that other people would fall into his trap.

Actually, someone who liked to eat candies always had a naive side to them. Kawang knew this clearly.

On the other hand, Bo Jiu didn’t know that the things she understood weren’t as thorough as she thought. Hence, a little girl holding a balloon became the most lethal blow for Z.

Many people had told her that she should turn completely dark. When you turned completely dark, you wouldn’t have weaknesses and you wouldn’t feel pain.

This was an alley that no one would look at. Even if it was bustling a while ago. No one saw the wound that was bleeding continuously under her trench coat.

Bo Jiu felt that everything had finally ended. The loneliness that no one understood wouldn’t continue anymore. She would be able to see her dad and mom now – before she had turned completely dark…