Chapter 1491 - Untitled

1491 Untitled

In this world, some things were really mystical. At that moment, the piece of paper in the amulet started shining faintly for some reason.

Maybe there was really such a person. Even when they had forgotten about you and didn’t remember what you looked like, even when they didn’t remember your voice nor your name. But when they saw your eyes again, they were still able to touch your soul.

No matter what other people said, it wouldn’t affect their thoughts. They would just stand there, at the intersection of black and white. Even if their mind was in a mess and their body was entirely dirty, they still treated you differently.

That was because they understood you better than they understood themselves; because they loved you more than they loved themselves.

They would always stand there, cleaner than everyone else, standing there like a god holding a lamp at the most conspicuous place. They didn’t want anything. They just stood there because after searching for you for so many years, they had still lost you.

If that was the case, could you still find me?

Some time passed again, until the pair of eyes as black as the night sky opened again on September 28.

A devilish smile appeared on his handsome face. When the symbol of Z appeared on an entirely different body, the wheels of fate started spinning again.

Z was back. That meant that his little tiger was back too. It was alright if she forgot what light was. It was alright if she turned entirely dark. One certain person would always be there, using his own special method to wait for the person that was now in his hands.

“Hamburgers taste better when paired with coke,” the person beside him said.

Qin Mo shifted his gaze and helped the person to roll up her sleeve by half a circle.

Bo Jiu asked, “Who called you just now?”

“My mom,” Qin Mo replied to her with two words. Then he freed one hand and passed the coke over.

Bo Jiu acknowledged his answer. She didn’t know what she was doing but there was something in her heart that was making her happy. Her grandfather butler had already gone to propose marriage.

Everything should be settled by now. She trusted her grandfather butler’s etiquette techniques.

Now, only Little Princess Mo didn’t know this. That way, she could bring him to the proposal venue naturally and then romantically showcase to him everything she had prepared.

Everything was perfect. This was the classic method a domineering boss used when trying to chase his little secretary. She didn’t feel any stress at all. Bo Jiu thought about this and gave an evil smile. “Do you want to go somewhere with me?”

Qin Mo knew what was happening long ago. He raised his eyes slightly. “Where?”

“The Qin Group.” After Bo Jiu finished eating, she leaned back lazily. “That position is not bad. I heard from Zhao Sanpang that they are having a television interview today.”

At first, Qin Mo wanted to ask what it had to do with his proposal but if he asked that question, the fun would be gone. He turned his face slightly and said in a soft voice, “Hmm.”

Bo Jiu was still deep in her thoughts. She lowered her head and thought about the surprise she had for her Little Prince Qin later. It was definitely enough for him to accept her proposal.

The more she thought about it, the more obvious her smile became. She was feeling happy alone. In the past, Bo Jiu had never done this.

Now she lifted her arm and looked out of the car window. Her posture was handsome. The reflection of her face on the window showed her mole shining brightly under her eyes. Her smile was blatant. She looked like a child that finally got her candy. She had the right to be happy for a moment.

At first, Qin Mo didn’t want to smile. But when he saw her like this, he couldn’t resist asking, “Are you very happy?”

“Huh? Am I?” The devilish aura at the edge of her lips was still present. “It must be because I ate what I wanted.”

Qin Mo freed his hand and placed it on her head. “Idiot.” I’m happy too…