Chapter 1492 - Proposal 1

1492 Proposal 1

8.30 pm wasn’t early nor late. Working adults doing overtime hadn’t reached home at this time, especially in Jiang City, a city that didn’t sleep. Some people were just starting to queue outside restaurants. Other people brought their children out to the plazas to play.

Bo Jiu felt that as a boss, her proposal mustn’t be low profile. That was why she chose this timing; especially when she heard that Xiangnan’s members were having an interview opposite.

She felt that this was a good opportunity. There was no need to choose another day. She had made preparations beforehand anyway. Thus, she had decisively shifted her plan to the Qin Group.

Under normal circumstances, it was easy for her to hack into the internet of a company. But this time, she had spent money to get in. After all, this was a proposal. She had transferred a sum of money to the Qin Group before proceeding with a small internet hacking.

She had done this to get control of the lights on the building.

It had to be said that the person who designed this building had good foresight. Every single piece of glass had lights on it. Even in the night, one could see the building with a single glance.

In that case, it was easy for a hacker to do something. As long as she learned how to control the circuit, everything was settled.

Bo Jiu stood there wearing Qin Mo’s jacket. It was a dark-colored trench coat. She gave off a different kind of handsomeness.

Qin Mo looked at someone as she raised her hand and wanted to climb up the wall. He pulled the person back directly and said with calm eyes, “What are you trying to do?”

“It’s too short.” Bo Jiu gave an enchanting smile. She exerted force on her hand and connected the USB stick she prepared to her small-sized laptop.

Qin Mo glanced at her. He knew the answer but he still asked, “What are you doing?”

“Lighter.” A silver lighter laid on one of her palms.

If it had been during normal times, Qin Mo would have exposed her since he was known for being sharp-tongued. She hid the lighter in her sleeve. Did she think that he hadn’t seen it? However, since someone was happy, he would let her free play.

Bo Jiu also realized that today, Little Princess Mo was extremely easy to talk to. She must grab this chance and quickly propose to him. “Brother Mo, stay here and wait for me for a moment.” Bo Jiu ran forward towards her left after she had finished speaking.

She was wearing a dark-colored trench coat and her silver hair was slightly messy.

Qin Mo saw her half-squatting on the ground. This was probably her first time doing such things so her actions weren’t smooth. She turned her head and was diligently attempting to light something up.

Then she looked up and glanced over at him. She gave him a bright smile.

In that instant, fireworks shot into the sky. All the lights in the sky of the city seemed to be reflecting in her eyes.

Qin Mo understood. This person would hold the things she loved the most and give them to him to make him happy.

There was dust on her face. She accidentally brushed against it just now. Although it made her look a little fierce, it didn’t affect his image of her in his eyes.

If he had to describe he would say that she walked through thousands of galaxies and stepped on streams of sand. Her hands were stained with dirty things and her entire body was dark when she stopped in front of him. Yet, what he could feel wasn’t how dirty she was. Instead, it was the Little Bo Jiu that could astound people with a single glance. She belonged to him.

Qin Mo stretched his hand out and wanted to pull her into his arms. Yet, unexpectedly, the main show was just starting at this moment. Behind her, the entire Qin Group building suddenly lit up.

Only some of the square glasses remained dark. Six words formed from the bright and dark pieces of glasses. These were the six words that the entire bustling business street was able to see…