Chapter 1493 - Proposal 2

1493 Proposal 2

“Qin Mo, marry me.”

Because of the lights, along with the fireworks, these six words didn’t look the same all the time. Instead, they bloomed like the petals of a rose and congregated together after that. It was like watching a video. It gave the effect of a simple game being shown on the exterior of the building.

The children in the plaza raised their heads and opened their eyes wide. They asked curiously, “Mom, what’s that?”

“That…” The mothers paused for a moment and forgot to reply for an instant. Their gazes were filled with astonishment.

Much less the couple taking a stroll at the side. The lady was filled with envy. She lifted her hand and covered her lips as she exclaimed, “If a man did this for me, I would definitely marry him.” Then she turned and glanced at her boyfriend.

The young man was holding the candied hawthorns he just bought. His first reaction was to think, “What the f*ck, which brother did this? This is a waste of money, time, and romantic cells. Is he trying to ruin other people?'”

But after looking at it for half a second, he said, “Wife…”

“Go away. Who is your wife?” The lady squinted unhappily.

“No, I mean, think about it. Just think about it. Are there any ladies that will call themselves Qin Mo?” The man tried to fight for his argument.

The lady was stunned for a moment: … She had never thought about this problem!

Those six words didn’t disappear. Half a second later, they became brighter. They were so beautiful that it was hard not to notice them.

The interview platform was just beside this building. At this time, there were definitely people there. The members of Xiangnan came out of the interview room. At first, someone was chatting with their manager.

The manager of Xiangnan was different from the manager of Supreme Alliance. He was a middle-aged man who would always smile at you no matter what you said. He was like the Maitreyan Buddha.

At the start, Zhao Sanpang was listening to their casual conversation. However, he was a fidgety person so he kept moving his neck and wanted to ask his leader when they were able to leave. His beautiful fans were still waiting for his livestream. But when he turned his head, he saw the six words shining so brightly on the other side as if money was nothing!

Boom! He straightened his back! The person having the interview looked over at him. Even his manager signaled to him to remain quiet.

Zhao Sanpang scratched his ears and took out his phone. He sent a message in the WeChat group and tagged two people. “You did it on purpose, right? Little Spade! Come out! Come out!”

The party involved didn’t appear but the other people replied to him with a sleepy emoticon. Someone even asked in concern, “Did you get harmed by their love again?”

Zhao Sanpang replied, “Those at the Pedestrian Street! Open your windows and look out!”

Within one second, the WeChat group exploded with replies.

“F*ck! F*ck, f*ck!”

“Let me digest for a moment!”

“I feel that the impact on Xiangnan is greater. They are having an interview opposite!”

“I’m not going to say anything! I’m so handsome but no one proposed to me before!”

The moment their phones vibrated, Beauty Luo and Captain Xiao looked over after they saw the message.

The interviewer wasn’t able to continue now. After all, it was obvious that Zhao Sanpang had lost his focus and the other two people also… The interviewer looked over at the direction everyone was staring at. He was dumbfounded!

Proposing to… to Young Master Qin? Proposing? Proposing? He didn’t recognize the words wrong! Who on earth was it? Who was so… powerful?

Zhao Sanpang couldn’t care about anything now. He said to his friends, “Luo, Captain, Little Spade must be doing this on purpose! This fellow has a habit of displaying love!”