Chapter 1495 - I Raise You

Chapter 1495 I Raise You

Everyone knew that her biggest wish was to carry Little Qin Mo back home and raise him. Now that her wish came true, Bo Jiu was elated. “Yes, I will raise you. Will you return to Fifth Avenue with me?”“Yes.” Qin Mo smiled. “After you enter university, you can go anywhere you want.”

Bo Jiu’s eyes were shimmering. “There are many places I want to go to. Kunming, Mount Everest, Mountain Patrol, and many other places…”

“One year, one place.” Qin Mo pinched her face with his fingers. “The criteria is that someone isn’t so naughty.”

Bo Jiu smiled handsomely. “I always listen to a beauty.”

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. Beauty? This person never understood who the real beauty was.

Bo Jiu wanted to talk more. After all, she was too happy. But before she could open her mouth, her breath got taken away again. The kiss this time was different from the previous time. It was so domineering that she couldn’t resist it. His slightly cold thin lips weren’t soft and gentle anymore. Instead, it seemed to be attempting to take over all his emotions.

The taste of mint lingered on the tip of her tongue. He only released her when her body turned numb itchy because of the kiss.

He freed one hand and replied to a WeChat message. Basically, what he wrote was, “You are all interrupting me from accepting someone’s proposal.”

Listening to that slightly cold voice, Bo Jiu finally realized that a few buttons on her shirt had been unbuttoned. From a certain point of view, they were indeed interrupted.

He glanced at her. Then he lifted his hand and buttoned her shirt for her one by one. His gaze was extremely deep.

At the same time, the messages exploded in numbers. You could imagine the situation in the WeChat group. Zhao Sanpang was the first to reply. “Kick him out of the group!”


“Agree plus one!”

However, Qin Mo’s answer raised the level of hatred to the highest point. “Are you jealous?”

That wasn’t all. Qin Mo’s next sentence was, “Hoshino should be in this group too, right? I think that there’s no need to inform him through other channels that I got proposed to. Zhao Sanpang, you finally did something the support should do.”

Zhao Sanpang: …

Hoshino: …

You Sixin: …

Every single person in the different teams felt that they had a new understanding of Qin Mo’s shamelessness.

Regarding this point, Bo Jiu also felt that the Almighty was scheming her. The meaning of the first sentence, ‘after she entered university’, was clear approximately one month later. During this period of time, everyone could see this extremely handsome person carrying a book in her hand wherever she went.

Once, a yellow-haired guy from No.2 Middle School saw her and was dumbstruck. Mind you, Bo Jiu’s results were good but she wasn’t someone who liked studying. After all, they did frog jumps together. Only someone who escaped classes before had the right to do this!

“Idol, you changed!” The guy was heartbroken. “You’ve really changed!”

Bo Jiu bit on a piece of foxtail grass and smiled. What did he know? She was preparing to bring the Almighty into my family.

After the Asian Cup, everyone in Supreme Alliance had a break. They only needed to do some interviews. She didn’t need to show her face. Thus, she had a long time to rest. It only made sense for her to use this chance to study properly.

But no matter how strong Supreme Alliance was, no matter how much honor they had, there were still many people on the internet who didn’t like Spade Z. Someone even said, “The Supreme Alliance will inevitably go downhill. Actually, the drawbacks could be seen already. They are just hidden carefully by Feng Yi. Other people don’t know what the condition of the team is. Only they know…”