Chapter 1496 - Feng and Yun

Chapter 1496 Feng and Yun

There were indeed cons in Supreme Alliance but these cons weren’t incidental. When a team reached its peak, there would always be problems.Supreme Alliance was like this too. They fought each match as though it was their last. This wasn’t just purely passion. The other important thing was that the lifespan of Supreme Alliance wasn’t that long anymore.

Let’s not talk about Yin Wuyao’s age but most of the people playing esports were all 18 or 19 years old. After 24 years old, your condition would worsen by the day. This was a cruel thing to say but it was the reality. Overall, it meant that the age of Supreme Alliance was high.

It wasn’t just Yin Wuyao. There was still Lin Feng, Yun Hu, and even Qin Mo. Their esports career would at most last for another two years. Moreover, before the Asian Cup, Lin Feng and Yun Hu had thoughts about retiring. After the Lin family had fallen from power, they relied entirely on their company.

Lin Feng looked like a naive and innocent person but in reality, his sense of responsibility was greater than anyone’s else. In the past, when the Lin family had been doing well, he had been able to not care about it and be a young master.

Now, everything was different. Lin Feng was able to notice it from how people treated him. However, on the surface, he acted as though he didn’t care. Actually, Lin Feng wouldn’t throw this responsibility away – no matter how happy he was to fight in competitions.

Even after they had won the Asian Cup, he immediately started running projects outside.

Yun Hu tried to date him many times. Of course, he didn’t date him alone. He asked everyone in the huge courtyard to gather together. Lin Feng rejected him many times because he was too busy though.

The people standing beside Yun Hu probably noticed something. They were still at the teahouse when one of them smiled and said, “Little Boss Lin is really busy recently. How about this? I can call him. I can use this opportunity to ask him about the collaboration we did in the past.”

Then he called Lin Feng right in front of Yun Hu. His motive was to make Yun Hu happy.

Yun Hu held the teacup in his hand and didn’t look at him. But that person understood that Yun Hu couldn’t hold himself back. He wanted to see that person terribly. If not, he wouldn’t have given him the chance to dial the number.

Lin Feng answered the call after a while. The sound of wind could be heard along with his voice. “Jiahe, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing. I’m just calling for a gathering. We grew up in the same courtyard but we haven’t seen each other in a long time. You were fighting in a competition the other time so you needed to take care of your reputation. Now you’re having a break. There’s nothing wrong with gathering together for a while.” Song Jiahe was good at speaking. “You won’t lose anything if you listen to me. I have many opportunities.”

Lin Feng looked at the watch on his wrist. He paused for a moment and said, “Fine. Where are you?”

“Old place. The teahouse we always visited in the past.” Song Jiahe looked at Yun Hu after he finished the conversation.

Lin Feng didn’t talk much when he was driving. Furthermore, he wasn’t with his teammates so he acted a little more mature. He wasn’t talkative either. This was the biggest taboo in the business world.

The lesser you speak, the lesser mistakes you made. The more you said, the more mistakes you made. That was because no matter what you said, as long as the other party had the intention, they would be able to find something wrong with what you said. That was why in the business world, it was better to do more things and speak less.

If Bo Jiu saw the current Lin Feng, she might not be able to imagine it. However, humans were like this. They had many personalities. They wore masks so that they could protect themselves and integrate into the society better.

Lin Feng walked into the teahouse. The first person he saw was Yun Hu, who was sitting on the left-hand side. He stopped in his tracks unconsciously…