Chapter 1497 - Feng and Yun 2

Chapter 1497 Feng and Yun 2

With this single glance, Lin Feng roughly understood what happened. No matter how naive he was, he understood who this gathering was held for.Song Jiahe knew what to say to different people. That was how the Song family’s business had grown so big.

When he saw Lin Feng coming in, he stood up immediately and put his cup down. “Young Master Lin, you busy man. Why are you standing at the entrance? Hurry up and come in.”

Lin Feng walked in. They grew up in the same courtyard so even though times have changed, their relationship still wasn’t so bad.

After the Lin family had gone downhill, Lin Feng had gone to look for these people. He understood the difficulty of finding people to help him.

They hadn’t mocked him straight in the face like what was written in novels. It was just that the friends who had always drunk with him in the past suddenly had stopped contacting him entirely. When they had a gathering, they would evade him.

Looking at things from a different aspect, he seemed to represent unluckiness.

Song Jiahe was the person who didn’t care about these things the most. During festivals, he would definitely give red packets. However, he wouldn’t act like how he was acting now.

Lin Feng felt uninterested. If you hadn’t experienced it, you might not understand. When you were successful, there would be people constantly at service. But when you had nothing, they would think that knowing you was unlucky.

However, with Yun Hu around, his value was different. When Lin Feng raised his head again, he had retracted most of his emotions. He walked over and sat beside Yun Hu. This was the only empty seat. He took off his jacket and hung it on the back on the chair. He took out a cigarette from the cigarette packet on the table.

Song Jiahe’s mission was to invite Lin Feng out. If he interfered with other things, that person might not allow him. He filled up the teacup and livened up the atmosphere of the gathering. This was to allow the two people to have an easier time talking.

Yun Hu didn’t beat around the bush. “Angry?”

Lin Feng’s fingers stopped for a moment. He turned his head and looked at Yun Hu.

Yun Hu looked at him. His gaze was deep. “I invited you but you rejected me. Hence, I can only change the method.”

“How dizzy.” Lin Feng took a sip of his tea. “Can’t you call me on the phone if you’re looking for me?”

Yun Hu remained calm. “The atmosphere isn’t right for talking.”

Lin Feng remembered the upbringing of the Yun family. There were many rules and limitations.

“Now the atmosphere is right.” Lin Feng smiled. “After all, everyone will give you the face.”

Yun Hu could tell that Lin Feng was unhappy but he hadn’t had a choice. He had wanted to see this person. Yet this person, whether he did it intentionally or not, seemed to be dodging him. It was impossible that everything was fine.

If it had concerned other people, Yun Hu would have used his own methods by now. As someone who was able to make use of Song Jiahe, he didn’t just rely on the Yun family’s network. You could tell what Yun Hu’s way of doing things was normally. Yet this person was Lin Feng.

Yun Hu held the teacup in his hand tightly before slowly releasing his fingers one by one. His fingers were long and slender. His tone was indifferent. “I’m lucky that there are faces for me to use.”

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He knew that he couldn’t blame this on a single person. There was already a distance between the two of them. This was a reality that couldn’t be changed.

However, Yun Hu didn’t feel this way. “The Asian Cup has ended. Are you planning to leave the team for good?”

“I will still go back.” Lin Feng finally said something that was able to warm Yun Hu up. “Before I leave, I will tell everyone so the Fox Feng can find someone to replace me. Isn’t the team recruiting new members recently? Speaking about this, do you still remember how Fox Feng fooled us into joining Supreme Alliance at the start?”