Chapter 1498 - Feng and Yun 3

Chapter 1498 Feng and Yun 3

“I don’t remember.” Yun Hu’s tone was composed.Lin Feng raised his eyebrows. “You don’t even remember that? He told us how good playing esports was. During normal times, we would just need to play games, do some shout casting, and a whole bunch of ladies would fall in love with us. He even told us that the team was filled with beauties so there would be no worry of not being able to find a partner and that there was also a leader we can look up to as our role model. That we were the winners of life. In the end, there were no beauties at all. There were just a bunch of rotten and single young men. It was worse than the university dormitory, I almost dated my computer. We had very little time to sleep. We were living the life of a monk.”

“It’s not bad. We managed to be the champion of the nation.” This was what Yun Hu said but, in his heart, he was thinking, “I didn’t enter Supreme Alliance because of any other reasons. After Feng Shang convinced you, he had already understood that he had convinced me indirectly.”

Lin Feng put down his teacup and leaned back. “It’s not bad. We are the champions of the nation and we won the Asian Cup. This was what we wanted. After so many years, we finally achieved it. However, esports is an industry for young people. My condition can’t remain excellent all the time. Also, you should have felt it too. I’m getting worse. This is not related to anything. It’s just a natural reaction of the body after you reach a certain age.”

Yun Hu didn’t reply to Lin Feng because he knew that what Lin Feng said was the truth. There were things that they wanted to stop but didn’t have the ability to do so.

Lin Feng looked at the ceiling. “Life was so good when we were young. Playing games was really fun. But I don’t have a choice. I will grow up one day. You will too. From the time Supreme Alliance was founded, we experienced many things. When we were weak, some people looked down on us. Anyone was able to bully us. We were not recognized by the mainstream. Finally, we managed to persevere and reach the Asian Cup. Yet, those people wanted our captain and Little Spade to leave the competition because they wanted to see the perfect team they had in mind. In this world, the scariest thing isn’t darkness. We have been through it. What frightened us was probably the fact that darkness might fall on us again and we won’t be able to handle it. Let’s not talk about the fame and wealth we can achieve here. I want to retire.”

Yun Hu’s fingers froze in mid-air.

“Of course, that will only happen next year.” Lin Feng raised his arm. “I can’t bear to part with everyone.”

Yun Hu turned and looked at his side profile but he couldn’t see anything on Lin Feng’s face. Just like what he had said, he had grown up. Even though he was tried, he wouldn’t show everything through his expression as he had done in the past.

Lin Feng looked at him and smiled. Yun Hu felt a whirl of emotions. It was very uncomfortable. However, at the same time, he felt that this person was so handsome when he became a real man.

Lin Feng took another sip of tea. “I wonder what words Fox Feng will use to fool the newbies into our team.”

“There’s no need to fool them.” Yun Hu gave a rare smile.

Lin Feng understood what he meant. “Indeed, there’s no need to fool them. If you can’t find a partner, you can find one internally. Little Spade and our captain are a real-life example. Do you know that Zhao Sanpang almost jumped up when holding his phone?”

Yun Hu glanced at him. “You still know about internal digestion?”

Lin Feng smiled. “Why wouldn’t I know?”

Yun Hu didn’t want to continue this topic because there were other people around. He didn’t mind but he knew that Lin Feng minded. Especially in this kind of situation, he probably didn’t want to have that kind of feeling.

Yun Hu lifted his hand and rubbed his forehead. This was the bad thing about growing up. Lin Feng kept everything to himself. He couldn’t see through him now…