Chapter 1499 - Feng and Yun 4

Chapter 1499 Feng and Yun 4

“If you want to meet me in the future, you don’t have to organize a gathering like this.” Lin Feng played with his teacup. In front of Yun Hu, he was still unable to change some of his habits. He wasn’t able to speak his mind in the business world anymore because you couldn’t judge a book by its cover. The more you said, the more mistakes you might make and the higher chance someone would misinterpret your words.But Lin Feng felt that this was Yun Hu. It wasn’t any other person. Thus, he spoke straightforwardly.

Yun Hu smiled and replied with only one word. “Okay.”

This time, the two of them left together. Yun Hu didn’t drive. He made this decision purposely.

The onlookers had a clearer mind. When they were sending them off, Song Jiahe was still smiling. He looked at Yun Hu with a knowing gaze.

Yun Hu only gave him a side profile. Song Jiahe immediately became more obedient.

Then Lin Feng’s following actions showed clearly that Lin Feng was still Lin Feng. Even if Lin Feng had gone downhill, his aura and upbringing were still present.

He patted Song Jiahe’s shoulder and threw a cigarette at him casually. Then he said, “Let’s keep in touch when you are free.”

He was still big-hearted. The face was as beautiful as before but if you looked at it carefully, you would realize that the lines had gotten more defined.

Song Jiahe somehow understood why his biggest partner was unable to forget this person from the Lin family.

He introduced many people to Yun Hu but he would ask the other party to leave directly. However, he never said any fierce words in front of this person. This was probably the tinge of youth that was left even after experiencing many aspects of life.

Of course, he did try to find young and pure ones but it was different. The thing that Lin Feng had was different.

In their circle, whenever someone’s family went downhill, the edges and corners of the person’s character would be smoothened and they would become decadent. Lin Feng was different from the past but strangely, after accepting everything that had happened to him, he was still able to be like this.

Song Jiahe was a networker. He knew clearly what other people’s attitudes towards Lin Feng were. This slight change was enough to destroy most people at times.

In the past, Song Jiahe had felt that Young Master Yun liked Lin Feng’s appearance. After all, his beauty was rare in their circle.

But it depended on who wanted it. If it was Young Master Yun, there would be waves of people waiting to serve him without him having to open his mouth.

Now Song Jiahe understood that it had nothing to do with appearance. Maybe it was because he liked him for too long or maybe it was what other people always said – that beauties were the same but an interesting soul was rare.

Only Young Master Yun knew what he liked about Lin Feng.

Song Jiahe knew that in other people’s eyes, he was a pimp. Speaking of this, this was the first time he brought such a pure young man just to see him.

Song Jiahe looked at the two people’s side profile. He placed the cigarette in his mouth. This would destroy his reputation. He, Young Master Song, had never done such a pure trade that was filled with deep love.

Some people probably didn’t understand. After getting used to seeing deals made between sex and power, when he looked at these two people, he felt that this was probably what love should look like, even if they weren’t together.

Lin Feng might have seemed comfortable and relaxed when he had agreed to give Yun Hu a ride but the moment Yun Hu sat beside him, he wanted to say something uncontrollably.

They were very close so he was able to smell the tea fragrance on his body. The two of them were in the car so when it got quiet, Lin Feng felt strange. After all, in the past, he had been always the one in charge of starting a conversation. “Fox Feng asked us to gather at the club tomorrow. Have you received this piece of news?”

Yun Hu looked at him and replied slowly, “I was the one who told you about this.”

Lin Feng: … He just wanted to have an awkward conversation! Why was it so difficult!