Chapter 150 - Sleeping Spooned

Chapter 150: Sleeping Spooned

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Under other people’s bodies?

When Fu Jiu heard these words, she lifted the corners her mouth. “Brother Mo, there must be some kind of misunderstanding. Even if I am bent, I am not the one underneath others.”

Qin Mo didn’t say anything. He simply turned around and glanced at the youngster.

Strangely enough, Fu Jiu felt like something was wrong.

But it was not the right time.

If possible, she wanted to kabedon this god and let him know how aggressive she was.

Still, she’d better not cause trouble while in this bed. If she carried the joke too far, and this god pulled off her pajamas, the losses would outweigh the gains.

Therefore, even if Fu Jiu untied her bound waist, she could not turn over and press down Qin Mo under her body. It was easy to think about but hard to do because the consequences would be very serious…

Thinking in this manner, Fu Jiu inadvertently felt sleepy.

Actually, it was very late. It was already 12 o’clock.

The two had played tennis during the day and studied physics at night. They had gotten the FC as well.

All these activities consumed brain power and physical energy.

On top of this, Fu Jiu had also assembled a notebook computer just the other day. Now it was completely quiet, so she closed her eyes.

Qin Mo thought that the youngster would still say something else and waited for a moment, but he found that the youth had already fallen asleep.

His long eyelashes and beautiful appearance made the youngster look as harmless as an angel that had fallen to the earth.

Only after staring at that face for a minute did Qin Mo pull the quilt over his body. He also closed his eyes.

Now that it was autumn, the temperature dropped by six or seven degrees in the north, especially when the northern wind came. It was extremely cold whenever the rain hit the window.

Qin Mo and Fu Jiu both forgot to turn the heater. With the cold air suddenly flowing into the room, Fu Jiu, who was afraid of the cold, snuggled closer to the warm body beside her…

The next day, the weak sunlight at dawn hit the swaying curtains.

Don’t imagine that it would become warmer at this time. Sometimes, in late autumn, the early morning was even colder it was at midnight.

Fu Jiu moved her fingers and got even closer to the warm body.

Who was nice enough to put such a big hot water bottle on her bed? So warm…

Fu Jiu couldn’t help hugging the warmth and rubbing her face on it.

However, the moment she opened her eyes, she completely sobered up.

The thing that she had embraced was not a hot water bottle, but…a god!

It seemed that Qin Mo had woken up a little earlier than her. Light fell on his noble face. When it came to appearances, his eyes were more beautiful than hers; they were like black gems, and were made very charming by his messy black hair.

At that moment, Qin Mo was looking at her. His eyes were so deep that they could easily attract people.

The two were extremely close to each other. Her lips were sticking to his chest, and her two legs were together. She didn’t know why they were in such an intimate posture.

It seemed that her whole body was in his arms, including the most sensitive part, which was only separated by her thin pajamas.

It was his breath that surrounded her in all directions.

Even when Fu Jiu wanted to move back, she could smell the peculiar smell of mint from this man’s body…