Chapter 1500 - Mo and Jiu

Chapter 1500 Mo and Jiu

“There have been too many things going on recently. My brain cells are not working properly.” Lin Feng coughed softly and lowered the car window. “Let’s enjoy some wind. It’s stuffy in the car.”Yun Hu didn’t expose his clumsy acting. He knew clearly how easily angered someone could be. Thus, he just looked out of the window.

But even so, Lin Feng still felt that the atmosphere was a little, indescribable. After all, he couldn’t continue the awkward conversation.

Just as he was wondering if he should do something, a message saved him. In the past, he hadn’t liked to receive this kind of message. Mind you, no one liked to be fed with public displays of affection. Yet, Little Spade recognized him as her brother and kept inquiring about their captain’s preference from him.

After she finished inquiring, she would give him a mysterious smile and ask, “When are you preparing to find a partner?”

Lin Feng felt that the inquiry was just paving the way for the critical strike to this single man at the end. Today, Bo Jiu finally changed her style of texting. “I heard that you are together with Almighty Yun. I have four movie tickets with me. As an important supporting actor, I sincerely invite you and Almighty Yun to contribute to the box office with me.”

Box office? His goddess Movie Queen An was acting in the movie. How bad could the box office be?

Also, everyone knew that the movie was a big hit. The tickets were selling like crazy. Little Spade wasn’t asking them out to contribute to the box office. He mustn’t fall into her trap!

However, the next message came. “Oh right, I forgot to say that I have a club shirt signed by your goddess. I will pass it to you after you reach.” Of course, it was written by the person who loved showing off her love, Little Spade.

This was the nickname Lin Feng had given Bo Jiu. Now after seeing her message, Lin Feng faced a bigger dilemma. He kept hesitating whether he should go to the Yun family or the movie theater.

After all, if he went to the Yun family’s house, he would see his godmother and she would definitely ask him to come in and drink some tea. He wasn’t afraid of this but based on her normal reaction, she would ask him to stay overnight. Compared to that, it was less awkward for him to go to the movie theater.

Thinking about this, Lin Feng opened his mouth and asked, “Do you have anything to do later? Little Spade asked us out to watch a movie. Do you want to go?”

Yun Hu turned off the phone and the message on the screen disappeared. He replied naturally, “Okay.”

The naive Lin Feng knew that this was a plan to lure him out but he didn’t know that the real trap was here.

On the other side, Bo Jiu received Yun Hu’s reply and smiled gently. She replied Yun Hu simply, “You’re welcome. See you at the movie theater.”

Honestly speaking, she had never watched a movie with the Almighty before. She could make use of the chance this time to do it.

Bo Jiu packed things up really quickly. After all, she had mastered the skill. She wore her trench coat and wore a black mask on her face. Then she put another mask on the Almighty.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and placed the book in his hand down. “What are you doing?”

“I studied hard for a long time so I decided to give myself a reward.” When Bo Jiu smiled, the mole under her eyes became obvious. “Let’s watch a movie.”

Qin Mo looked up. His aura was elegant. His voice still sounded a little deep even though he was speaking through the mask. “Little Student Bo Jiu, do I have to remind you how many days are left until the university entrance exam? Or are you not planning to marry me? Are you going to discard me after making use of me?”

The Almighty was probably the only person who could ask a lady to marry him so shamelessly.

Bo Jiu replied with a serious face, “I think that we should cultivate our relationship. Our fans said there isn’t enough display of love recently.”

“Cultivate our relationship?” Qin Mo smiled. He freed one hand and patted her face lightly. With the mask blocking his face, his gaze seemed exceptionally deep. “After you enter University A and reach my age, I will lie on the bed with you every day and cultivate our relationship.”