Chapter 1501 - Qin Mo, Bo Jiu, and Lin Feng

1501 Qin Mo, Bo Jiu, and Lin Feng

This was the bad thing about a couple that had been together for a long time. Little Princess Qin wasn’t the person whose ears would blush whenever she said something anymore.

Bo Jiu turned her head. She didn’t listen to the Almighty. Instead she pushed her hand against the boss chair. Through the mask, she kissed Qin Mo’s lips. Her posture looked really handsome. She should be able to subdue the Almighty now, right?

This was what Bo Jiu was thinking.

Before she could react, the other party turned his body and pressed her into the chair with force. Almost simultaneously, he took off his mask and threw it on the ground.

No matter how smart Bo Jiu was, she would never understand how strong the desire of a man at Qin Mo’s age was. For some things, it was better not to start. If you never tried it, you wouldn’t think of it constantly. Yet, the person he liked was in his arms but he couldn’t touch her. After all, this person was still underage.

During the past three times, he had endured it. But someone always purposely seduced him. Recently, Qin Mo hadn’t kissed her for a long time because he wanted to prevent himself from losing control. This action ignited all the flames in his heart.

Bo Jiu could feel the temperature below her palm rising. When the breath landed between her lips, it was scorching even though there was a cooling smell of mint. It made her body turn warm uncontrollably.

She didn’t stop his hand either when he put it under her clothes. The tips of his fingers slid past the back of her waist. A numb feeling was felt all the way from her tailbone. Bo Jiu could only hug his neck to prevent herself from sliding down the wooden chair. Her face was red. Even her lips seemed a little watery.

Qin Mo looked at the person in his arms. His gaze grew darker and darker until it reached a certain point. Then, his slender fingers started unbuttoning the buttons on her shirt. He leaned over and kissed the fair collarbone.

Bo Jiu shuddered. A sense of pleasure engulfed her like the waves of the ocean. She couldn’t resist it. This was all because of a kiss.

The two of them left the place half an hour later. They didn’t finish the entire process. However, Bo Jiu’s body was full of kiss marks. The ones on her neck were the most obvious. Not one minute more or less; it was just nice 35 minutes.

When the Almighty bullied someone, he didn’t hold back. That was why the numbing warmth still lingered on Bo Jiu’s body.

Yet, someone still maintained his elegant appearance and turned around to help Bo Jiu wear her mask. His voice was indifferent but it was a little hoarse. “We can leave now. We will continue after we come back.”

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. Continue with what? Pfft, so scary.

“Why? Are you not willing to do it?” Qin Mo leaned close to her face. “Let’s not go out then.”

Bo Jiu leaned over and kissed him. Her smile was a little devilish. “Brother Mo, you saw wrong.” It was better than teaching her physics after they came back.

Qin Mo dragged the person up and warned her slowly. “Don’t seduce me again. Otherwise, we won’t be able to go out.”

This time, Bo Jiu stopped. After all, she wouldn’t be able to handle it if she got pressed against the chair and bullied again. The aura on the Almighty was too mesmerizing. Bo Jiu always suspected that he had done it on purpose. He had purposely made her all warm and then pushed her away. But even so…

It was a little difficult for them to go out. The kiss marks on her neck were too obvious. If she wore a scarf in this weather, it was very weird. Bo Jiu had no choice but to change to a turtleneck white shirt. She wore her mask again and put on a thin jacket. Basically, no marks could be seen.

Meanwhile, Lin Feng, who had reached the movie theater, was starting to regret it. Could someone tell him why so many couples wanted to watch a movie about hackers!?

Undoubtedly, among the crowd, Lin Feng and Yun Hu were extremely conspicuous. This caused many people to turn their heads and look at them; especially at this time of the day. It was the weekend and this was the 8 pm movie slot. It was reasonable that there were many people in the movie theater.

A few ladies kept glancing at Lin Feng’s direction. Lin Feng was wearing a mask but he still felt awkward. However, at this moment, Yun Hu turned and asked him, “Do you want to eat popcorn?”

Lin Feng liked to eat sweet things but it wouldn’t look good for a man to carry a bucket of popcorn, right? Lin Feng wanted to reject Yun Hu when he thought about this. But before he could do that, Yun Hu’s voice sounded again. “Let’s buy a bucket. I will carry it.”

“Sure.” Lin Feng nodded. After all, the atmosphere wouldn’t be right if you watched a movie without eating popcorn.

However, after Yun Hu bought the popcorn and carried the bucket in his hand, the situation changed. He wasn’t just carrying the popcorn. He was also holding their jackets and a cup of ice lemon tea.

When he walked beside Lin Feng, Lin Feng was able to hear the people around his whispering to each other.

“He really knows how to take care of people.”

“That’s right. I will be so happy to have such a boyfriend. My boyfriend never took the initiative to buy popcorn for me.”

Lin Feng: … It was just a simple act of buying popcorn. Why did he become my boyfriend? In this era, couldn’t there be pure friendship between men? Also, why do you have to speak so loudly when you’re whispering to each other? Are you afraid that I can’t hear you?

Lin Feng stood there. He was really a little uncomfortable. He just came to watch a movie with the members of his team. Why did he feel like he was on a date? Thinking about this, Lin Feng shook his head. He wanted to throw this strange thought out of his mind.

But there was still some time before the movie started. He wasn’t able to evade the gazes from the other people. He wanted to find a place to have a drink but the people sitting inside were all couples too. That was really… awkward.

When they finally managed to sit down, he saw a familiar person! When Lin Feng saw Beauty Luo, the person who was commonly known as the goddess of mage, looking at him with a knowing gaze. He felt that things would get troublesome!

Just like what he expected, the person smiled. She lowered her head and started pressing her phone. The very next second, Lin Feng saw a message in the Almighty’s WeChat discussion group. “I managed to witness the adultery between the couple Feng and Yun. In the past, they always used brotherhood as an excuse. Seriously…”

“Hey, recall the message!” Lin Feng held his forehead.

Beauty Luo’s hair was tied in two ponytails today. She looked youthful and lively. “Why do you care about it so much? It looks like there’s definitely a problem.”

“Problem your head.” Lin Feng felt helpless. He sat down and continued, “Why are the members of Xiangnan staying in Jiang City for so long?”

Beauty Luo smiled and replied, “We’re recruiting. There are many talents in Jiang City. If our team had a branch in Jiang City in the past, do you think God Z would get snatched by your team?”

“Old Sister, Little Spade has entered our team because she got subdued by our charisma. Do you understand?”

Beauty Luo squinted. A sense of danger engulfed Lin Feng. “Who are you calling an old sister?”

“Younger Sister.” Lin Feng immediately changed his words. “Young Little Goddess!”

Beauty Luo took a sip of her tea. “Little Submissive Lin, you’re so obedient.”

Lin Feng: “…”

“Oh? They have all replied to my message.” Beauty Luo pressed her phone. “I will send a couple photo of Yun Hu and you. I’ll say that it’s to wish you a happy marriage beforehand.”

Lin Feng took out his phone. He only sent two words in the discussion chat. “Hmph, hmph!”

After he sent his message, he noticed something.

“You came here alone? What are you doing here?”

Beauty Luo bit her straw and said in an indifferent tone, “Blind date.”

Lin Feng: … He must have heard wrong!