Chapter 1502 - Revealing Their Relationship 1

1502 Revealing Their Relationship 1

“Blind date? Are you serious? Lin Feng was still in disbelief.

Even Yun Hu, who was standing at the side, furrowed his brows.

Beauty Luo smiled gently and said, “Is that very strange? Among all the professional esports players, I’m considered an older one, right? Also, both of you know where I come from. In a small town like mine, people have already started settling down at my age.”

“No, wait. Does Poker Face Xiao know that you’re going on a blind date?” Lin Feng grabbed his hair. Somehow, he still felt as though this was a dream.

Beauty Luo put the drink she was holding down and replied to him with a seemingly casual tone, “Our captain is not in charge of his member’s love life. Also, I’m going to retire soon. In the future, my personal affairs will have nothing to do with Xiangnan.”

The moment she said the word retire, all of Lin Feng’s words felt as though they got stuck in his throat. He just sat there. No one knew what he was thinking about. Ever since he had started playing esports, their opponent had always been Xiangnan.

Luoluo was one of the few female professional players in the esports world. Since she was able to become one of the top few mages in the entire country, few people would be able to surpass her in terms of her attainment in esports. Of course, besides Little Spade, who was simply a freak. But this was the person that was going to retire?

“Hey, Little Submissive Lin, what kind of expression is this?” Beauty Luo tilted her head. A small part of her teeth was revealed. The aura she gave off was refreshing. “In our industry, isn’t it normal for people to retire?”

But she wasn’t able to find a valid reason to stay beside that person anymore.

She knew that one day, she would reach this step. That was why she didn’t expose the truth.

“I know that it’s normal.” Lin Feng stood up. Suddenly, he wanted to smoke a cigarette.

Yun Hu pressed him down. “Our captain should be arriving soon. Let’s go and get our tickets first.”

“Qin Mo is coming too?” Beauty Luo raised her eyebrows. “That means that my God Z is coming too. Are you having a double date?”

Lin Feng lifted his hand and patted her head. “Don’t speak nonsense.”

“Fine. The movie is about to start.” Beauty Luo didn’t get angry. “Go and get your tickets if you need to get them. Stop showing off your love in front of me.”

Lin Feng knew that there was no point in correcting Beauty Luo anymore. However, he felt more relaxed now since the other party had straightened out his thoughts.

Nothing else was important now. Luoluo was right. In their esports world, retiring was an extremely normal thing. However, no one wanted to part ways with their friends. Lin Feng still felt that he needed to do something.

When he was collecting his tickets with Yun Hu, he slid his phone open and sent a WeChat message. “Poker Face Xiao, don’t blame me for not reminding you. You better come to the business street now. Luoluo is preparing for a blind date. If her blind date succeeds, there will be nothing you can do anymore.”

After he sent the message, Lin Feng stuffed his phone into his pocket. The moment he looked up, he met Yun Hu’s gaze.

“Let’s go in first.” Yun Hu’s voice was calm. “Our captain should be in the underground parking lot already.

Lin Feng replied to Yun Hu, “Okay.”

But his gaze was still fixed in the direction he was looking at a moment ago.

Yun Hu opened his mouth suddenly. “This is the first time I know that your relationship with the members of Xiangnan is so good.”

So good? Lin Feng was confused.

Yun Hu glanced at him sideways. “People who don’t understand you might think that you like the other person.”

“How is that possible?” Lin Feng’s reaction was almost immediate and without any hesitation.

Yun Hu’s tightly clenched fist relaxed slowly when he heard this. But he still pretended to look relaxed and nonchalant. “Why is that impossible? Luoluo is the goddess in the esports circle.”

“F*ck. Are you really slow or are you faking it? Can’t you tell that Luoluo likes Poker Face Xiao?” Lin Feng was like a real-life emoticon.

As for Yun Hu, he just held the movie tickets in his hand and asked a question slowly, “What about you then? Are you slow or are you faking it? Can’t you tell that I still like you?”

The moment he spoke, Lin Feng’s expression froze abruptly as though someone had casted a spell on him. The noises in his surroundings seemed to have been blocked. Whether it was the trailers of the movie or the noises of the people walking around them, they seemed to fade in that instant.

The only thing that was left, the only sound that kept replaying at the side of her ears was his own heartbeat, which was beating faster and faster.




Lin Feng opened his mouth. He wanted to say something but Yun Hu interrupted him. His gaze was extremely black. “I’m not kidding. Choose again. Do you want to be a couple with me or cut ties with me entirely? There’s no third path we can take. I don’t want to be brothers with you anymore. Make your decision.”

The beating of his heart made him extremely frustrated. After hearing what the other person said, Lin Feng reached the state where he was going to explode in anger. “Choose what! Damn it! Yun Hu, have you forgotten that you have a boyfriend! What are you doing now? Are you trying to date two people at once? I have always known that your circle is a mess. None of you think that sleeping with someone is a huge deal. If you like someone, you can have a date with him in the toilet. But you can’t do this. You…”

Before he could finish his words, a jacket fell on his head and covered his head. The jacket had a faint tobacco fragrance and the smell of popcorn.

Yun Hu dragged Lin Feng to another spot directly. Lin Feng wasn’t able to see anything. He could only feel the other party pressing his against the wall. The back of his head touched the wall. Just as he was about to move, a familiar aura suddenly landed on his lips.

The two of them just drank some tea so the fragrance of the lung ching tea still lingered in their mouth. But this faint fragrance caused Lin Feng’s head to explode with numbness. That was because he clearly knew that Yun Hu was kissing him.

At this kind of place, a movie theater with many people walking around, the two of them were leaning very close to each other. Even though there was a jacket covering his head, there was a probability that they would be discovered.

Even if they weren’t discovered, Lin Feng’s heart was already beating so quickly it felt as though it was about to burst. His heart palpitated faster and faster. The faster it went, the hotter it became. However, Yun Hu seemed to have decided that he wouldn’t let Lin Feng go so easily.

This was different from the other times in the past. The feeling of the lack of oxygen caused Lin Feng’s waist to turn weak after he pushed the other person away. Not to mention the silver threat flowing down the edge of his mouth. What the f*ck!

Lin Feng wanted to lift his hand and wipe away this scorching feeling. But in the end, he could only pull the jacket down. His breath was still unstable as he lowered his breath and said, “Are you crazy? At this kind of place…”

Yun Hu looked at the person whose hair was in a mess because of him. He took one step closer and replied, “Do you mean that if we are in another place, I can do it?”

The two of them were almost the same height. If you really wanted to compare, Yun Hu was 3 cm taller than Lin Feng. Two people of similar height stood there. At the same time, the atmosphere was strange. People would definitely stop to look at them.

“You…” Lin Feng’s voice got lower and lower. This was the first time he felt that Yun Hu was so dangerous and overbearing. After all, in the past, Yun Hu had never been like this. Even when he couldn’t control himself, he wouldn’t be in this state…