Chapter 1503 - Turning Gay for You

Chapter 1503 Turning Gay for You

He noticed that more and more people were congregating around them. Lin Feng wore his mask and turned around. He wanted to leave but Yun Hu blocked his path directly.“I don’t have a boyfriend.” Yun Hu’s gaze was deep. “Before you accept me, I will not like anyone else, whether it’s a guy or a girl. I thought that you already knew this point.”

Lin Feng couldn’t control himself even more when he heard this. He pulled Yun Hu’s collar and pushed him against the wall. “You don’t have a boyfriend? What about that guy before this? Was that fake? Yun Hu, let me tell you. Whether you like a girl or a guy, you can’t be so unloyal.”

The ladies beside them were shocked by the sudden release of anger. “Is the little submissive jealous?”

“That’s obvious. But the little submissive is very handsome when he’s jealous.”

“You can’t even see his face. How do you know that he’s handsome?”

“His figure and aura are so good so it’s impossible for him not to be handsome. I feel that the way he looks when he wears the mask is a little familiar.”

“Fine, fine. Stop talking. You’re going to think about your manga idol again.”

“But he really looks familiar.”

Lin Feng listened to the conversation happening at the side. He grabbed Yun Hu and said, “Let’s find a quieter place to talk.”


Lin Feng paused for a moment when he saw how cooperative Yun Hu was. He really wanted to punch someone. What on earth was going on with Yun Hu? Was this how he treated a relationship?

It was hard to find a quiet place in this huge shopping mall. Lin Feng dragged the other person and walked out. In the end, Yun Hu was the one who looked at the side and reminded him, “There’s a safety exit on your left-hand side.”

Lin Feng finally regained some of his rationales. He pushed the door open and dragged Yun Hu into the passageway.

Two people were smoking inside. When those two people saw them, they thought that they wanted to fight so they hurriedly extinguished their cigarette and went out.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and wanted to say something but Yun Hu opened his mouth and interrupted him. The edge of his lips was lifted up slightly. “I’m very happy.”

Happy? Lin Feng got even angrier! “What are you smiling for? Is this something that will make people happy?”

The more Yun Hu looked at him, the darker his gaze. “You got jealous. Isn’t that something I should be happy about?”

Lin Feng suddenly froze. His voice got deeper. “I didn’t.”

“If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have acted like this.” Yun Hu allowed Lin Feng to pull his collar. “Let’s talk about the guy you mentioned. That isn’t my boyfriend. That is someone I found to act with me.”

“Act?” For some reason, Lin Feng felt that he wasn’t on the same channel as Yun Hu.

Yun Hu took a step forward. “I was afraid that you would push me away. I was scared that we might not even be able to be friends anymore so I found someone to act as my boyfriend. It was to allow you to feel less disgusted towards me.”

The strength of Lin Feng’s fingers dissipated a little. It was obvious that his expression was frozen. He had never expected the truth to be like this.

Yun Hu maintained this position and pushed the other person against a corner of the passageway. “At that time, I did think about what reaction you would have after you see another man with me. Even if you appeared a little strange, I wanted to give it a try. However, you always wished me to be happy and even heaved a huge sigh of relief. It was as if you finally didn’t have to withstand my harassment anymore. You probably don’t understand what it feels like when the person you like doesn’t like you and still tries his best to pair you up with someone else. That is why I said that I’m happy when you finally got married. Admit it, you like me too.”

Lin Feng froze. He didn’t know if he got stunned by his actions or his words. He didn’t even know how to place his fingers properly.

Yun Hu, on the other hand, had nothing to be afraid of. His fingers slid up Lin Feng’s waist. From his point of view, as long as this person didn’t reject him, everything else wasn’t a problem.

Lin Feng appeared as if someone had found his lethal spot. His waist turned weak and the back of his ears started turning red.

Yun Hu lowered his eyes and leaned closed to the side of his face. “Also, that day, after you left, I asked him to leave. That was because, besides you, I don’t want to sleep with anyone else. This was the case in the past and it will still be the same in the future.”

“Sleep… sleep your head. Why are we talking about this?” Lin Feng turned his head and said, “What the f*ck, don’t anyhow touch me.”

The smile on Yun Hu’s face got brighter. “Okay, I will not anyhow touch you.”

“Then move your hand back, bastard.” Lin Feng grabbed his hair and pushed the person away. “Can you don’t play such boring games in the future? Why did you find someone to act like your boyfriend? Do you think that you’re filming a movie?”

Yun Hu agreed. Then he looked down and moved closer to Lin Feng again. “So, do you want to be with me in the future?”

Lin Feng paused. He looked at Yun Hu’s face. He didn’t reply immediately. He was the only descendant of the Lin family. Yun Hu was the only descendant of the Yun family too.

Yun Hu noticed that Lin Feng didn’t reply so he slowly retracted the smile on the edge of his lips. As time went by, his expression was slowly turning cold. “I have already said what I wanted to say but you still act like this. Lin Feng, when will you realize this problem? No matter how deep a love is, it will deplete one day.”

After he finished speaking, Yun Hu pulled himself away and wanted to leave. From his face, he was able to understand many things. Even if he liked him, he couldn’t accept it, right? This was probably what he felt most helpless about.

Lin Feng stood there and looked at the back view. Almost instinctively, he stretched his hand out and grabbed Yun Hu’s wrist. Although Yun Hu stopped in his tracks, he just wanted to shake his hand away. It wasn’t because of any other reason. The phone in his pocket was ringing. The location sharing must have taken effect.

However, Lin Feng misunderstood him. He thought that this person was going to make a decision alone so he got agitated. “You have to give me some time to think before I make a decision. Damn it, I have been straight for so many years but I’m turning gay for you. Can’t I hesitate and prepare myself mentally? Do you know how long I had a crush on Sora Aoi? You…”

Lin Feng didn’t manage to finish his sentence. He was stunned before he could continue talking. That was because when he said that he was turning gay for him, someone opened the door coincidentally to come in to smoke.

The person exchanged glances with Lin Feng and slammed the door shut loudly! That expression seemed to be saying ‘you city people really know how to play’.

Lin Feng wanted to grab his hair! But, unfortunately, it hadn’t ended. Very soon, the sound of clapping was heard above them.

Lin Feng turned his head and saw the youngster half-leaning there with a devilish smile on her lips. Her left hand was gently patting her right hand. “Team Flower Lin, your way of revealing your sexual inclination is indeed unique. Turning gay for him? You scared the person who was about to smoke. That was a new and special way of confessing.”

Lin Feng opened his mouth. F*ck, when did Little Spade come? Also, their captain was standing behind them! Why didn’t they say anything! Wait, their leader seemed to be pressing the voice message button of their team chat. That means that… What the f*ck! His reputation!

Lin Feng wanted to find a hole on the ground and climb in! His decision to watch the movie caused him to suffer many losses!