Chapter 1504 - Bo Jiu Gave Lin Feng Advice

1504 Bo Jiu Gave Lin Feng Advice

Rao Rong: “The voice is very clear. Turning gay for you.”

Coco: “Shouldn’t someone give a treat after their successful confession?”

Yin Wuyao: “I really can’t compare to the youngsters nowadays.”

Lin Chentao: “Turning gay for you. I will keep repeating this sentence today.”

Feng Shang: “Repeat. I will repeat it too!”

The phone in the pocket of his jacket kept vibrating. Without looking at his phone, Lin Feng could guess what his team members were discussing. He really felt like cursing.

As his ally all this while, how could Bo Jiu give up on such an interesting Lin Feng? “You have already said that you’re turning gay. Shall I wash Almighty Yun up cleanly and send him into your bedroom today?”

Lin Feng didn’t feel like speaking. He turned his head and started to calm down.

Bo Jiu jumped down from the stairs. The edges of her clothes floated into the air. She lifted her hand and patted his shoulder. Then she lowered her voice and said, “Think about it. The difference between taking the initiative and accepting everything passively will affect your position on the bed. This is an important component. Don’t say that as your ally, I’m not helping you. If you open your mouth first, you will be able to be on top…”

Before Lin Feng could regain his sense, this thought was instilled into his brain. The worst thing was, he actually listened to her!

“No, wait, Little Spade, you are a lady. Is it suitable for you to discuss this topic with me?” Lin Feng’s voice was still very low.

Bo Jiu smiled lightly. “We are all adults. Tell me, do you want to change from the one defending to the one attacking?”

Lin Feng took a deep breath. “I do.”

“Then it’s settled.” Bo Jiu retracted her hand. “Okay, think about your plan carefully. If you don’t understand anything, you can message me. Now, let’s go and watch the movie first.”

Lin Feng lowered his head and took a look. In the WeChat discussion group of his team, everyone gave him the title of Little Submissive Lin.

He seemed to have made a decision. He glanced at Yun Hu’s direction.

Yun Hu didn’t hear the conversation between the two of them though. That was because Lin Feng’s sentence about turning gay for him and that he wanted to prepare himself mentally was enough to make him so elated that he didn’t want to listen to anything else. If it wasn’t for the people around him, he would probably push the person against the wall and bully him properly.

Qin Mo could more or less guess what Bo Jiu had said. After she came back, he glanced at her sideways and swept her baby hair. “Does being naughty make you happy?”

“How is that being naughty? I’m helping them to get closer. If not, when will I be able to see Little Submissive Lin having an ache in his back and waist?” Bo Jiu spoke righteously with a smile in her eyes but her words revealed her evil intention. Even until now, Little Submissive Lin didn’t understand that everything had already been decided. The person who had a stronger aura would be the more powerful one. A person like Yun Hu, no matter how you looked at him, didn’t look like someone who would be at the bottom.

Little Submissive Lin was really stupid, naive, and pure. However, it was quite interesting to see Little Submissive Lin working hard and doing all those things to turn the positions around.

The four of them walked out of the safety passageway and went back into the crowd.

The person behind them probably didn’t see them so he bumped into Lin Feng. He didn’t apologize and just continued walking forward. Lin Feng raised his eyebrows. Just as he was about to call the person back to ask for an apology, he saw the person pulling a chair out. The person sat down opposite Beauty Luo. From this angle, the people in the cafe wouldn’t be able to see what was happening outside.

However, the four people outside could see the interior of the cafe. Naturally, Bo Jiu saw this scene too. She raised her eyebrows and asked, “What’s happening?”

“Didn’t you see the Almighty’s discussion group?” Lin Feng glanced sideways at her. “Luoluo is on a blind date.”

Blind date? Bo Jiu paused for a moment. She realized that no one would want other people to see them doing such a thing.No ladies wanted to face such a situation, much less a lady like Beauty. Thus, she raised her feet and wanted to leave. But the conversation on the other side still floated over.

The man had an arrogant face. He probably came from a wealthy family because the first sentence he said after he sat down and opened his mouth was, “The matchmaker didn’t exaggerate. Miss Luo is indeed tall and beautiful. You are indeed a good match for me.”

Luoluo didn’t say anything. She just smiled. After all, she couldn’t tell how well-matched a 1.68-meter and a 1.69-meter-tall person were. Was it because they only had a difference of one centimeter in height?

Luoluo still remained polite. This was her expression when facing a stranger.

The man took a gulp of water. His gaze hadn’t left Luoluo. He sized her up and continued, “However, I’m different from other men. I don’t really look at a lady’s face. The most important thing is her aura and her upbringing. I heard that Miss Luo’s educational background isn’t very high, right?”

“Yes.” Luoluo wondered when she should leave.

The man furrowed his brows. “That is why you went to play computer games. The matchmaker did talk about this. She said that your main job is to play games.”

Luoluo’s fingers stopped in mid-air. She looked up and replied, “It’s esports.”

“Yes, esports,” the man replied to her but from his expression, one could tell that he didn’t feel there was a difference between the two words. “I have a huge family business. You should have understood my family background somehow before you came. My mother is an education staff so she’s quite open-minded. However, playing games is more suitable for a man. After all, it’s a job for young people. I heard that in your team, there are no other ladies besides you.”

Luoluo replied to him with only one word, “Yes.”

“That isn’t very good.” The man’s gaze had turned different now. He seemed to be examining Luoluo or warning her. “It’s important to keep your distance with the opposite gender.”

Luoluo raised her eyebrows. She exuded a different kind of beauty when she did things slowly. “Mr. Zhang, what do you mean?”

“Miss Luo, don’t misunderstand me. I’m just casually asking.” The man gave what he thought was a humorous smile.

Luoluo put her hand at the side of her body and sent the matchmaker a message. “We are not suitable.” Then she wanted to stand up.

Unexpectedly, the man opened his mouth again. “I heard that you can earn quite a lot of money from playing games. The matchmaker discussed this with me before. Actually, I don’t think that a lady should show her face in public but I respect women who work. However, your profession isn’t very legit. Fortunately, the matchmaker said that you’re going to retire soon. You can retire, I’ve seen many professional players doing live streams at home after they stopped participating in competitions. They can earn quite a lot too. You just have to take note of your attire when you’re doing live streams. I’m an open-minded person. My family is open-minded too. You should have some understanding of my job too. The aunt that came from your county town came to my place for treatment. I have three houses in this city. One of them can be our matrimonial home. You can renovate it based on the style you like. After all, the fee for the renovation of the matrimonial home is, most of the time, born by the female’s side. You have played games for quite some years so you should have some savings too, right? That shouldn’t be a problem for you. Basically, I’m quite satisfied with Miss Luo. As for the small details, I will have a discussion with my mom. You should know that in the eyes of people in the education industry, your educational background is very important. After we finish eating, we can take a stroll and understand each other better…”

“I’m sorry.”