Chapter 1505 - The Lady“s Escor

Chapter 1505 The Lady“s Escor

Luoluo interrupted him. She stood up with her slender legs. “I think that there’s no need for us to understand each other better. We are not suitable.”The man probably didn’t expect Luoluo to reject him. He opened his eyes wide and took a deep breath. Then he said loudly, “Aren’t you just someone playing a broken little game? Why are you so arrogant?”

Luoluo turned around. Her gaze was extremely cold. “Let me tell you once again. It is called esports.”

The man smiled. He seemed a little delighted. “Miss Luo doesn’t seem to know your position. I have heard about your past. You are a lady without any background. But you are able to become a professional player because you did things that other people aren’t willing to do. Now, you have become a famous person but no one knows where your money comes from. You mimic other people’s moves and hug the professional player’s thighs. Because of your beauty, the higher authorities laid their eyes on you. Don’t keep saying that you’re playing esports. No matter how nice you put it, you’re just a player who’s slightly better at gaming.”

At first, because Luoluo was pretty, many people noticed her when she walked in. In addition, it was obvious that these two people were on a blind date. Hence, other people would be curious. Thus, the moment the man opened his mouth, almost everyone in the cafe looked at Luoluo.

Some people among them liked to play computer games too. Because of the direction Luoluo was facing just now, they were only able to see her back view. Now, they could see her face. The desire to gossip could be seen in their eyes.

“That’s Goddess Luo, right?”

“So, the things I read on the internet were true.”

“What did I say? All the ladies who play games cheat.”

“That isn’t something new, right? She started by mimicking other people. Then she went and accompanied the higher authorities.”

“The only reason why no one discovered it was because she did her public relations well.”

When the whispers started filling up the café, Luoluo’s face turned a little pale. Some things didn’t seem to matter no matter what you said or didn’t say. People would only believe what they were willing to believe.

Until now, Luoluo wasn’t able to forget the first time she had entered a professional esports team. Someone reputable in this circle who was known for loving to help newbies had sat beside her on the dining table. The person had hinted and even said in a straightforward manner that if she was willing, she could get as much money and network she wanted.

Based on Luoluo’s temper, she hadn’t agreed. After she had apologized to the person, she had gotten up and left. However, the person had been in her team. The connection had been pulled by her club so she couldn’t splash a cup of water at him like what the television dramas showed.

Actually, Luoluo had been a little afraid at that time. At that time, she had never expected such things to exist even in her most beloved industry. When she had walked out, her left hand had been trembling slightly.

At first, she had thought that her manager would stand up for her after hearing what had happened. Yet, unexpectedly, her manager had just said, “Pretend that nothing happened. Luoluo, this is for your own good.”

Luoluo had been unwilling to accept this reply, especially after hearing the person saying that she had been completely impolite and her skills were normal on the internet.

Thus, in a moment of rashness, she had replied to the person online.

The person had changed the topic and had spoken about what happened the previous night. He had said, “Ladies should be reserved. If you are so proactive, people will misunderstand you easily. In the past, you sold a cold and hardworking image of yourself. Once you sit on the dining table, you become completely different. You wear sexy clothes and some of your actions are so enthusiastic it makes people uncomfortable.”

Many people had started spreading what he had said. Most of them had been asking for the details. In their circle, there was never a lack of people replenishing answers for you.

A lady from the team had jumped out and pretended that she hadn’t known anything. “No wonder Sister Luoluo didn’t go back with us last night. You have other dinner parties to attend to. That is quite a surprise. After all, Sister Luoluo doesn’t look like that kind of person. The old saying is right. You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

Luoluo couldn’t remember how many people had judged her at that time. She just knew that during every single competition, there would be people looking at her with strange gazes.

When these gazes had stabbed into her body, she had always felt like opening her mouth and explaining something. But at the same time, she had understood that no matter what she said, no one would listen to her. They would only ask her why she hadn’t said anything in the past.

They would also tell her that she hadn’t had to go if she had been unwilling to do it. Or maybe, they would say that she had done it all for money. If not, she would have made a fuss already.

From the time this incident had happened to the time she had left her team, it had taken three months. Those were the darkest moments of her life.

She had thought of giving up before. When she had been alone, she had wanted to cry. However, she hadn’t been able to cry. There had been too many people looking at her, waiting for her to fall down.

Even though they couldn’t replace your position, they would make you the topic of their conversation. This would make them feel that they were bound by a common hatred for an enemy.

When she had been doing a livestream, her screen had been filled with people scolding her. Even when that had happened, she had needed to go online at the designated time and play games. If she hadn’t done this, the public would have said that she was guilty and didn’t dare to face them.

This issue had still continued after she had entered Xiangnan. After that, things had gotten better when she had started achieving results in competitions. Because of this, Luoluo had thought that she had finally been able to prove herself.

But from the looks of it now, that wasn’t the case. People would only see what they wanted to see. That was still the case.

For an instant, Luoluo wondered why she persevered so hard. It was hard to admit that she was just playing some broken little game. It was also very difficult to treat gaming as a job that she did to earn money only. But, so what? No one would believe that you really loved it.

The man noticed that Luoluo’s expression had changed and felt even more delighted. “That is why you can’t be too arrogant as a person. Your past has been spread until no one wants to spread it anymore. Do you still think that you’re a goddess that everyone wants to snatch?”

However, this time, before he could finish his sentence, lazy voice interrupted him. “She is a goddess.” It was Bo Jiu. She had one hand in her pocket as she walked over. There was not a tinge of feminine aura on her handsome face. Instead, because of her messy silver hair and her black trench coat, she gave off a striking aura.

She placed her arm casually on Luoluo’s shoulder as though she was her escort. Her actions were enchantingly handsome. “Mister, you seem to have some misunderstanding of your position. First, your height, which is lower than mine, isn’t the least compatible with our Goddess Luoluo. Next, Luoluo’s skills are always on the first page of the national server. She once represented China in a competition against Japan. She isn’t just playing a broken little game. Also, if being beautiful is a crime, we can’t help it either. After all, you will never be able to experience this feeling throughout your entire life. It’s alright for a person to be ugly and greedy. But once you heard that you’re unsuitable, you started attacking someone personally. Hmph… You’re Mr. Zhang, right? Your mother really doesn’t seem to be in the education line. After all, you don’t even know the most basic things. You can dislike some professions but don’t look down on them.”