Chapter 1506 - Hero Saves the Beauty with a Mighty Appearance

Chapter 1506 Hero Saves the Beauty with a Mighty Appearance

The man’s face kept changing colors because of Bo Jiu’s diss. After all, he was used to people curry favoring him. He had never met such a situation before. He could even hear the discussions around him. Everyone seemed to point fingers at him.The man was turned furious because of shame. “Miss Luo, you’re really interesting. Since you already have a man, why did you still come for a blind date?”

At the start, Bo Jiu was smiling. Now she squinted and grabbed the man’s collar. Her smile was devilish. “It looks like Mr. Zhang’s eyesight isn’t very good. Which part of me tells you that I’m a man? However, it’s understandable. You’re a man but you aren’t even taller than a lady. It’s normal that you think this way.”

“You!” The man hated it the most when other people teased him about his height. Now, he just wanted to tear this person apart. As he listened to the waves of laughter around him, his voice grew deep. “The world has become morbid. So many people look neither like a man nor a lady. Well, that’s normal. I guess that someone like Miss Luo can only find someone like you.”

Luoluo’s gaze changed when she heard this sentence. She took a step forward when someone grabbed her wrist and dragged her back. Her back leaned against the chest of someone who smelled like a research institute. This smell was familiar. That was because every time she was training and met a weakness, he would hold her mouse from behind and demonstrate the more accurate way of playing for her.

Unconsciously, Luoluo’s gaze landed in his slender fingers. Although they always stayed together, they had never been so close to each other. When she lowered her head, her long hair would fall on his wrist. This caused Luoluo’s body to freeze for a moment. Why was he here? How much did he hear? Did he see everything?

Luoluo didn’t want this person to see her weakness – no matter which aspect it was.

“You said that you needed to do something. Is this what you meant?” Xiao Jing was still wearing a white gown on his body. He had probably just come from his research institute. When he turned his head, his side profile was handsome and elegant.

Luoluo could feel the distance between his thin lips and her. She paused for a moment before replying, “I thought that I would be able to settle it quickly.”

Xiao Jing looked at her with a deep gaze. He didn’t say anything else but he didn’t release her wrist either. Instead his gaze landed on the man in front of him.

At first, the man was still burning with anger. However, after he saw Xiao Jing’s face clearly, he froze on the spot. Both of them were in the medical industry. But this was where the similarities ended because they had to break their head in order to listen to Xiao Jing’s lesson.

Xiao Jing had become a professor at a young age. In China, this was almost impossible. However, this person had done it. He did medical research but the most impressive thing about this person was his organ transplant surgery. His skill had reached international standards.

The man had never expected a lady playing games to know this doctor. One could tell that he didn’t follow esports. If not, he wouldn’t be oblivious to the fact that the person he was dying to know was the captain of Xiangnan.

“Doctor Xiao…” The man smiled awkwardly. He tried to salvage the situation. “Misunderstanding. It’s all a misunderstanding.”

Xiao Jing looked up. He was a man of few words but now, he opened his mouth and said, “It’s indeed a misunderstanding. Luoluo came to see you mainly because she needed to answer to her family. If not, why do you think she came to find you instead of looking for me?”