Chapter 1508 - The Feeling of Being in Love

Chapter 1508 The Feeling of Being in Love

Since things had reached this state, the man didn’t have the face to stay here anymore. From his back view, you could see that he escaped in a flurry.Lin Feng turned his head when he saw this scene. He looked at Yun Hu and asked, “Have you heard Xiao Jing speaking so many words in the past?”

“No.” Yun Hu noticed that Lin Feng leaned over so he held the popcorn in his hand and moved closer to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t notice anything amiss. He just muttered to himself, “We have fought many competitions together but I didn’t hear many words coming from his mouth. Today, this person probably spoke one year’s worth of words.”

“He must be anxious.” Bo Jiu lifted the corners of her lower lips as she entered the gossiping group. “How did he know that Luoluo is here?”

Lin Feng straightened his back and revealed his protruding canine tooth. “Of course, it’s me. I have foresight, so I informed him.”

“Impressive.” Bo Jiu continued in a lazy tone, “I didn’t expect Senior Lin to have clever moments in life.”

Lin Feng: … This sentence didn’t seem like a compliment.

Today was an unusual day. From two people, the group became four people and now, there were six people. The group of them stood there conspicuously. Their appearance was all outstanding so they attracted much attention.

“Hey, will we be recognized by other people?” Lin Feng asked again.

Bo Jiu glanced sideways at him. “Senior, your reaction is really slow.”

“What the f*ck? What should we do now?” Lin Feng didn’t want to get chased by fans. In addition, his condition wasn’t right.

Bo Jiu straightened her back. “Enter the movie theater and no one will stare at you anymore.

At the start, Lin Feng felt that this was a good idea. He still felt this way after he sat down. But 30 minutes later, he realized that something was wrong. The people sitting in the same row as he were all heterosexual couples. Yun Hu and he were the only completely male ‘couple’.

Lin Feng noticed that the two ladies in front of him kept turning around to look at them. He was really too stupid and naive. Why had he believed what Little Spade said! Was this what she meant by no one staring at him?!

To make himself look less awkward, he lifted his hand and wanted to grab a handful of popcorn to stuff in his mouth. However, fortunately – or unfortunately – he grabbed Yun Hu’s hand. He felt as though he was electrocuted. His back froze as he explained, “Erm, I just wanted to have some popcorn.”

“I know,” Yun Hu replied to Lin Feng but he didn’t release his hand. Instead, he used the chance to interlock his fingers with Lin Feng and hung their hands beside the seats.

The movie theater was dark so no one could see this scene. But Lin Feng still felt that the part of his fingers touching Yun Hu was scorching. It was so hot he couldn’t help but turn his head. His heart was palpitating furiously as though it was about to jump out. He didn’t know if he was worried that other people would see them or was it just purely because he was holding his hand.

In actual fact, none of the six people who came watched the movie carefully.

Qin Mo placed his hand behind Bo Jiu’s back. He played with her hair unconsciously. Suddenly, he thought of something and turned sideways. His voice was low and calm when he said, “In the future, let’s just watch a movie with the two of us.”

Bo Jiu replied, “Huh?” She raised her eyebrows in confusion.

Qin Mo spoke at a natural pace as he drank his water elegantly. “With so many lightbulbs, it’s inconvenient for us to do some things even if we want to. However, there isn’t really a need. Home is still a better venue. There’s only me and you at home so we can do anything we want…”