Chapter 1509 - Three Couples Together

Chapter 1509 Three Couples Together

Bo Jiu paused for a moment and looked at him sideways. She coughed softly. Only the Almighty was able to say these words with such an indifferent face. The two of them weren’t holding hands but Qin Mo personally peeled a candy and knocked Bo Jiu’s lips.Luoluo found it difficult to imagine that one day, this arrogant person would do such an action. And there wasn’t even a tinge of disharmony. Even when the two of them sat together, they looked well-matched. Bo Jiu was still wearing the black jacket. She naturally gave off a punk style and looked extremely handsome.

Luoluo looked at them for a moment. When she lowered her right hand, she brushed past Xiao Jing’s shoulder. Thus, Xiao Jing turned his head. As usual, he didn’t say much. “Popcorn?”

Luoluo shook her hand. After interacting with him for so many years, this was the first time she felt awkward. It was probably because he saw her having a blind date. Thus, she was unable to look at his face.

Actually, if one always stayed beside this person, it was hard for her to take a fancy on other men. In the past, he had always worn their squad uniform. Today, he was wearing a white gown.

Luoluo had always known the gap between the two of them. Ever since she had known of his identity, she had never had any other thoughts towards him. Compared to his amazing background, her education made her the most inferior.

In the esports world, very few people were still able to play well after 20 years old. She had entered this circle at a very young age. She loved gaming too much so in order to enter a professional squad, she hadn’t even thought about studying.

By the time she had really come into this circle, she had realized that every single livestream platform or club would have waves of people entering during every recruitment. She had played well but to stand out from the crowd, she had to undergo high-intensity training.

She wasn’t the only one. Most people did the same thing too. The people from the outside world would probably never understand where their stress came from.

In a small city, professions that relied on the internet weren’t developed. No matter how developed it was, in the public’s eye, they were just playing a stupid little game. Compared to their peers who were studying hard, the people who entered professional squads were daydreaming.

In the past, the situation had been different. Their basic pay had been miserable. Also, they hadn’t participated in competitions officially either. Many people had told themselves that they must persevere. As long as they persevered through all the ordeals, there was nothing impossible.

Luoluo wouldn’t look down on the decisions some ladies had made at that time. People who had never experienced this would never understand how much pressure was on them.

They had only one thought. They must persevere through everything. On the competition stage, the fans would always only see their most glamorous side. But every day, they had to train for more than 10 hours. The data for every single match would be recorded. You must be able to ensure your condition.

Most of the time, only one or two players would be left out of the 50 people who trained together at the start. They were substitutes for the team. The rest of the people would receive train ticket money and would be asked to go home. This was the real life that they went through.

Compared to her, the person who was able to do research and even had certain achievements in the medical industry while he was gaming seemed to belong to a different world.

She loved money too much. Without money, she wouldn’t have a sense of security. As for him, he never lacked money. He had a noble aura and when he smiled; it felt as though the moon shone in her arms.

She had thought of confessing to him. She remembered that it had been the first National League when their Xiangnan team had become the champions.

She had gone to his university to look for him but…