Chapter 151 - At Dawn, the Man Had Some Physical Reaction

Chapter 151: At Dawn, the Man Had Some Physical Reaction

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Qin Mo’s eyes were still dark and lethargic, as if he wasn’t completely awake yet.

Fu Jiu knew that there were some people whose eyes could be open, but their minds were still asleep.

Normally these kinds of people were not only brilliant but also extremely vigilant.

Fu Jiu’s first reaction was that she absolutely couldn’t expose her identity as a female.

Without thinking much, she bent her knees, lessening the deadly intimacy of their positions.

She rejoiced over the fact that she had stuffed a mass of paper in her pants, so it looked like there was a bulge. But there were still some differences between paper and a man’s lower part, so she wondered whether or not Qin Mo was completely aware.

Fu Jiu’s movements made Qin Mo’s eyes clear up.

Along with sun, the lower part of his body rose up by a lot as well, and it pressed directly against Fu Jiu’s knee. It was obviously hot.

Aware of these changes, Qin Mo’s back seemed to pause and he furrowed his eyebrows. He then swiftly removed the quilt in a single movement and sat directly up from the bed.

In order to create confusion, Fu Jiu smiled coolly and sat up as well. Her white face was very close to his. With her silver hair up and her mouth near Qin Mo’s ear, she said evilly, “Brother Mo, it’s nothing. As men, it is natural to be energetic after getting up, so it doesn’t matter who it is that you are lying beside.”

With a handsome and austere face, Qin Mo turned his head and looked at the headboard of the bed. His magnetic voice sounded like it contained sand; it was low and cold, making the women who heard it lose their souls. “It seems that I should tie your hands down in the future.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Wait, it was not her who got a reaction, so why should her hands be tied?

However, this god had already pushed her away and stood up. With a cold face, he took a towel and stepped into the bathroom.

That was to say, she even didn’t have a chance to refute his words.

Well, that really was accusing her unjustly.

But a god would not pay attention to her again this time.

Fu Jiu lowered her eyes as she looked at the fake bulge in her pants.

A man’s judgment was not very accurate while he was half-awake. That was the reason why Fu Jiu dared to sleep with this god.

On top of this, judging by this god’s reaction before, right now his attention should be concentrated around the lower part of his body.

Amitabha, a man’s purest physiological reaction had saved her.

Sleeping, this kind of thing, could only happen once, not twice!

Fu Jiu told herself this. But since ancient times, there has always been a decisive gap between imagination and reality…

In the bathroom, the water from the shower was running without producing steam.

Cold water fell onto the man’s strong, pale chest. Every inch and line of his abdominal muscles was sexy. This firmness just made people want to be hugged into his arms to be loved ferociously!

Qin Mo turned his head. His trimmed hair looked perfect, slightly covering his eyes. The lower part of his body was still reacting…

In this kind of scenario, it was probably only this god who could still be as indifferent as always.

Maybe it was all related to his upbringing. Qin Mo’s body was extremely seductive, but he also had an inexplicable sense of serenity, as if all the noise stopped around him.

But even Qin Mo didn’t know why he got a reaction at that moment.

He was sure that he himself was not bent.

Was it because that he had been so greatly angered recently?

As in Mo looked at his own porcelain-white fingers, his eyes deepened…