Chapter 1510 - Matching Xiao and Luo

Chapter 1510 Matching Xiao and Luo

After she had reached the unfamiliar environment, Luoluo had finally felt that they were indeed from different worlds. In the squad, this was nothing. After all, the thing they talked about the most was games. There wouldn’t be moments when she didn’t know what to say.

However, at the university, it had been different. She had seen a lady sitting beside him. The two of them had been chatting about a topic she didn’t understand at all. Also, that had been the first time she had noticed him smiling outside of a competition.

Luoluo had sat there and watched the two of them. Their aura had been similar. You could tell that they had the same family background. Also, the lady had given off a strong scholarly and gentle aura. Her attire had been like a student too. She was completely different from her.

Luoluo had never felt inferior before but at that moment she had realized what the difference was.

The lady had smiled at her gently when she had looked at her. “Are you Senior Brother’s team member? He’s very strict with himself but he doesn’t pick on other people. Just now, we talked about our medical studies and forgot about you. Are you unhappy?”

“No.” Luoluo had stood there with her slender and long legs. She had watched the lady as she had packed her books and walked out.

The lady had glanced at her. “Are you not leaving?”

Luoluo had followed them just how she had always followed behind him every time they took part in a competition. On impulse, she had opened her mouth and asked, “Captain, what do you think about dating someone in our circle?”

“Not interested.” The person hadn’t even turned his head. He was still very taciturn.

But these two words had allowed Luoluo to know one thing; it was fortunate that she hadn’t confessed excitedly. If that had really happened, the situation would be very awkward.

“Yes?” Xiao Jing had looked back at her while frowning slightly.

Luoluo had shaken her head as she had hurriedly chased after him. However, in the afternoon when she had training, her condition hadn’t been right. She hadn’t even fought well during her livestream in the afternoon.

From that day onwards, she had known that as the only female member of Xiangnan, he took care of her because he had a good upbringing. He had never had any intimate interactions with her. The most he would do was straighten her collar before she entered the competition stage.

He was her captain. He was just her captain. Even though she had other thoughts towards him, she mustn’t break the balance between them. She was going to retire soon so she mustn’t do anything stupid now. That way, they would be opportunities to meet in the future. Also, their meeting wouldn’t be awkward.

Luoluo thought about this and lowered her head. She took a sip of the drink in her hand.

Lin Feng and Yun Hu were sitting on their left while Bo Jiu and Qin Mo were sitting on their right. It was easy for people to misunderstand them since they were sitting in the middle. Luoluo could only try her best to move her body closer to Bo Jiu. But for some reason, her action caused the person beside her to look at her.

As he just looked at her without saying anything, Luoluo felt even more awkward. She felt that in her captain’s world, something like the blind date didn’t exist at all. That was why he was sizing her up.

Luoluo could only strike up a conversation out of nothing. “Don’t tell Zhao Sanpang about what happened today. If he knew, the entire team would know.”

Xiao Jing noticed that the beautiful face was filled with annoyance. His voice was indifferent as he said, “This is the first time you lie.”

“Huh?” Luoluo couldn’t follow her captain’s process of thought.

Xiao Jing was too lazy to speak too much so he just knocked on his wrist. Luoluo finally remembered that she found an excuse to come to the blind date today. She didn’t tell the truth.

“Let’s go.” Xiao Jing was the first to stand up.

Luoluo thought that he didn’t want to sit in this awkward seat anymore.

Lin Feng lowered his voice and asked, “Huh? Mute Xiao, where are you going? The movie hasn’t ended.”

“Going back for training.” Xiao Jing was simple and concise with his words.

Lin Feng turned his head and looked at Luoluo. “Is your captain always so insensitive? This is probably his first time watching a movie with a lady. He doesn’t even know where he should place his hands.”

Luoluo raised her eyebrows. “What do you know?”

At this moment, Lin Feng wasn’t shy anymore. He raised his hand, which was interlocked with Yun Hu’s fingers. “Let me show you an example.”

Luoluo stopped in her tracks. “Stop fooling around, Little Submissive Lin.”

Lin Feng still wanted to say something but Bo Jiu opened her mouth at this time. She placed her left hand on her chin. The black earring was still shining brightly. “Fine, fine. Senior Lin, Luoluo, and Almighty Xiao probably have other things to do.” When she mentioned other things, Bo Jiu gave a meaningful gaze.

Lin Feng waited for the two people to leave before leaning over and asking, “Why did you let them leave? The movie theater is a good place to cultivate relationships. Mute Xiao can be enlightened by the atmosphere here and breathe some air of romance.”

“Cultivate what relationship? You and Almighty Yun are enough.” Bo Jiu gave an evil smile. “Sometimes, a rock needs some stimulation.”

Lin Feng heaved a sigh of relief. “Honestly speaking, in the past, I didn’t know that Luoluo liked Xiao Jing. Shouldn’t the person she loved the most be you? You are her only male idol.”

“Don’t blame me for your slow brain.” Bo Jiu signaled him to tell him that he could go back to Yun Hu’s side now.

However, Lin Feng was like a mother fan of their circle. He was extremely worried about the two of them. “I knew them for many years. That Mute Xiao just treats Luoluo as his teammate. He never thought of her that way. Luoluo probably won’t get what she wants. But no matter what, we must prevent her from going on blind dates again. There are still many young men in our circle. In the past, one of her fans gave ten cruises to her to showcase his love for her. Some people from the clubs I know have also proclaimed that Luoluo is their one and only goddess in this circle.”

“Really?” Bo Jiu touched her chin with her fingers and suddenly gave a handsome smile. “Who is that person? You can introduce him to Luoluo in the Almighty’s discussion WeChat group and arrange for them to meet each other.”

Lin Feng slapped his forehead. “Why didn’t I think of this? Luoluo can meet him to calm her emotions too. My friend is good at coaxing other people and he’s handsome too. He has liked Luoluo since a long time ago.”

“That’s good.” Bo Jiu seemed to have thought of something because she lifted the corners of lips slightly. “The better the person, the more stimulation he will get.”

The noble Qin Mo didn’t say anything. He just turned and glanced at someone.

On the other hand, Lin Feng frowned and asked, “Why do I feel that your smile is a little evil?”

“Really?” Bo Jiu said nonchalantly, “I’m contributing a part of my effort for Luoluo’s future happiness. After all, she is one of the few esports candidates I like. Don’t you feel the same way?”

Lin Feng replied with a serious face, “I liked her the most out of all the female players.”

“Really?” Yun Hu glanced at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t know what a sense of danger was. He just nodded. “Yes.”

Yun Hu’s gaze turned dark. This was probably where he got his uneasiness from. This other person was a straight man. His liking towards ladies was naturally stronger than his liking towards men.

Even if it wasn’t love, it would still make him jealous. Yun Hu held a popcorn in his hand and played with it for some time. He was thinking about how to let Lin Feng become his man entirely. He must cut off all his thoughts towards ladies…