Chapter 1511 - Boyfriend

Chapter 1511 Boyfriend

The movie was still continuing. After chatting for some time, Lin Feng was finally able to understand what was happening in the film.

The moment he decided to enjoy the film properly and was starting to relax, Yun Hu’s voice suddenly sounded beside his ears again. “Do you really like her?”

This time, when he was speaking, he leaned closer to Lin Feng. He appeared to be grabbing the drink beside his hand but, in fact, he was asking Lin Feng a question.

Lin Feng wanted to nod instinctively but he heard Yun Hu continuing, “You better think before you answer, my boyfriend.”


This word caused Lin Feng’s heart to skip a beat. He tilted his head. His gaze landed on the handsome face. He wasn’t that stupid that he didn’t know how to read people’s emotions. Thus, he coughed softly and changed his words. “Actually, you can’t say that I like her. It’s just pure admiration towards an opponent like how I admire Zhao Sanpang. Look, he’s so fat but I still admire him.”

Yun Hu felt a little more comfortable after hearing this explanation. He put down his drink but didn’t retrieve his hand. Instead he continued holding Lin Feng like before.

Thus, our straightforward Little Lin Feng kept pulling his collar unnaturally from the start all the way to the end. He still wasn’t used to it. Besides feeling awkward, his heart kept pounding furiously too. He was like a hyperactive child.

Yun Hu noticed Lin Feng’s uneasiness. He knew that some things needed time to get used to. After all, he knew how straight Lin Feng was.

In the past, other men had liked Lin Feng too. Lin Feng had always kicked them away with brute force. “What the f*ck, look at me carefully. I’m a man. Can you stop being disgusting?”

A straight man disliked a gay. That was very normal. It wasn’t straight man cancer like what other people said. After all, no one wanted to be liked by people they couldn’t accept.

Hence, Yun Hu felt this was already enough. As for other things, he would do it slowly. After all, he wasn’t a simple person to deal with and his concept of love wasn’t the pure kind.

He wanted him. Ever since he had been a teenager, he had wanted him, all the way until now.

Lin Feng didn’t notice Yun Hu’s gaze. To divert his attention, he had already placed all his focus on the Almighty’s discussion in the WeChat group. In summary, he was emphasizing that he was the one with a stronger aura.

The World’s Most Handsome Fatty: “Your aura is not even worthy in front of Yun Hu. Lin Feng, how about this? If you really feel pain in the future, you can cry in my arms. I have already let go of these love relationships. The world looks at your face, not your gender. I am already so handsome so the world isn’t a challenge for me. If one day, someone fell in love with my talent, that person will be the true love of my life.”

Bo Jiu saw a chance to tease the World’s Most Handsome Fatty. “It will be difficult for you to find true love then.”

The World’s Most Handsome Fatty: “… Little Spade, stay further away from Qin Mo. What are you learning from him? Ah!”

At first, this was a normal conversation but suddenly, someone popped out and asked: “Oh right, someone said that Luoluo went on a blind date and bumped into you. Is that true?”

Bo Jiu replied, “So what if it’s true? Luoluo has been single for so many years. Isn’t it normal for her to meet someone and have a meal with him? Is someone making an issue out of it?”

The person continued, “So it’s true? It looks like it’s true that Luoluo’s dark history was dug up too.”

Bo Jiu squinted. The smile on her face was turning cold.

Suddenly, an announcement popped out to inform everyone that this person was kicked out of the group. Besides the person sitting next to her, Qin Mo, there was one other person who could kick him out…