Chapter 1512 - Luoluo, What Are You Doing?

Chapter 1512 Luoluo, What Are You Doing?

The person who had kicked them out was Xiao Jing. When Bo Jiu saw the name, she raised her brows, a flash of amusement appearing in her eyes. She tapped Lin Feng. “Senior.”

Lin Feng glanced over. “What is it?”

“Hurry up and ask your friends out to meet Luoluo. It seems like something interesting is about to happen.”

Lin Feng didn’t understand why Little Spade suddenly became so interested in matchmaking. But there was one sentence, he had to say in the group. “Well played.”

Spade Z: “Well played +1”

This discussion group had been established very early and most of them had already been inside when the concept of professional teams came out. Thereafter, the discussion group had been passed to Qin Mo and Xiao Jing.

The unanimous belief was that they could gossip but they couldn’t say things that were toxic.

Regardless of their occupation, once it started to involve the privacy of others, from the most surface level information to real life, or topics about one’s personal appearance and education level, they didn’t allow any toxicity. Real gamers weren’t such people.

The existence of the discussion group was for relaxation and for the exchange of ideas and jokes among the reputable teams. Even though they weren’t from the same team, they were from the same profession. Hence, they respected each other. They also understood the difficulties along the way. This was the original intention of establishing a discussion group.

But obviously, some people were already misinterpreting that intention. They also posted the news that he was kicked onto the forum. As a result, Luoluo had an extra piece of dark history.

Some people said that they were too dictatorial and were not allowed to say things that someone else had done. If Almighty Xiao protected others in such a way, it would be hard in the later years of his life. Some, in turn, said that Luoluo would forever be their Almighty.

However, regardless of what they said, this chapter would eventually fade because on that day, after Luoluo returned home, unknowingly, something happened.

She was supposed to do the live stream the next day but after the movie had ended, she played a game. She played every sorcerer in the single-row game. This time, when she played, there were some who noticed the sequence of the hero she used.

The first sorcerer was the game character she had used on the first day she had joined Xiangnan. The second sorcerer was the game character she had used when Xiangnan had entered the National League. The third sorcerer was the game character she had used to besiege Qin Mo with Zhao Sanpang and Captain Xiao. The fourth sorcerer was the game character she had used the first time they had won the National League.

Someone said that this was the year others had really recognized Beauty Luo’s playing style. She had a strong control and output and hit the strongest stream of consciousness. Since then, no one had said that girls couldn’t play professionally.

For each of the four games, before she executed any action, she would explain how to choose the equipment, how to line up, how to earn gold, and how to support the wild area.

She didn’t seem to have changed. After so many years, she still had a queen’s aura and was stunning when she smiled. “Do you understand everything?”

A sting of comments appeared in the comments section. “Still memorizing, Beauty Luo, wait a minute.”

Many people had mentioned one point before. They always said that our Beauty Luo relied on her appearance. Alright, yes, she was really beautiful. But after acknowledging that she was beautiful, some people would post ugly photos of her. There would be others who said those who gamed should just game properly. They asked why they were relying on their faces. What was wrong with everyone?

But no one had ever mentioned that she was the only professional female player who did not act cute or ask for rewards during her live stream. She would only talk about tactical experience the entire time…