Chapter 1513 - Announcing Retirement

Chapter 1513 Announcing Retirement

Her occasional mistakes would attract criticism. Likewise, there were countless people standing behind her.

For a long time, Luoluo had a certain fear. She was afraid that her hand speed could no longer keep up and she was worried about doing badly in competitions. These worries seemed to be buried under her daily practices.

Only when she had skills, was she able to stand strong when everything would come. But it was always like this, day after day, year after year.

There was one thing she couldn’t change, however, and that was her attitude. When she saw Xue Yaoyao, she was finally at ease. She believed that one day, someone would take her place.

She had already liked that person at the first time she had seen her because it seemed as though she could see a shadow of herself in her.

It was time to make a decision, no matter how nostalgic she felt. Luoluo stopped typing on the keyboard. She pointed the camera to her face and stretched out her hand to arrange the black earphones on her head.

“I have something to say. I started gaming at the age of 16. It has been six years now. In six years, I have gotten to know a lot of people. These people are very cute. When I was not known, they told me to press on and that I could do it. When I entered the finals, appearing in front of everyone as the best sorcerer on the whole server, they said, look, that is the esport player I like. When I was going through a low period, they said they will never leave. Hence, I feel that it is best to tell them such things face-to-face. I decided to retire.”

When the last four words appeared, some of the people in front of the screen froze. The fans that were still trying to remember the equipment fell into a daze while the comments section exploded.



“It’s a lie, right?”

“Beauty Luo, tell us that you are joking.”

“What joke, it must be for publicity.”

“She’ll change the team and continue to play. The fans really believe this… I’m speechless.”

“Can the person upstairs shut up? Management, where is the management?”

The manager was also a fan who had followed her through her journey. In fact, she had vaguely known about this a few months ago. At that time, Beauty Luo had mentioned it to a few of them but they hadn’t thought that it would come so soon.

Everyone who liked esport players would not want their favorite players to leave. Regardless of who they liked, it was all the same.

As a nationally recognized sorcerer, the news of Luoluo’s retirement was like dropping a bomb on the internet. Someone immediately contacted Xiangnan’s manager but the manager only replied, “We respect the player’s decision.”

For a while, the news of “Xiangnan, Luoluo is too busy and has officially announced her retirement today” could be seen everywhere.

Meanwhile, Lin Feng had just finished a movie. He hadn’t thought about how to face Yun Hu, who had ascended from being a brother to being his boyfriend when he saw the news. His first reaction was to seek clarification from Xiao Jing.

This was a joke. Luoluo was retiring just like that? Even if she wanted to retire, she should have done it during the National League, no, during the world championships.

Before Lin Feng could make the call, Bo Jiu reached out and held his arm. “What are you doing?”

“Seeking clarification. What else can I do? What did Xiao Jing do? What did he say when he sent Luoluo home for her to just retire?”