Chapter 1514 - Decide on Such Things as Early as Possible

Chapter 1514 Decide on Such Things as Early as Possible

“It shouldn’t have much to do with what Xiao Jing said.” Bo Jiu swiped the phone page twice, her eyes drooping. Her eyelashes were very long and the side of her face was free from her usual mischief. Instead, there was a faint coldness on her chin. “Luoluo probably wanted to retire a long time ago. She probably wanted to announce it during the National League but Xiangnan lost. Hence, it was not suitable to quit the team. After all, the loser would be faced with a lot of negativity. She thus didn’t say it at that time and kept it till now so that it doesn’t cause Xiangnan more trouble. She wasn’t willing to hear others say that Xiangnan isn’t good, hence, she chose to say it today. It’s not too soon nor too late. It’s a good time.”

After listening to Bo Jiu’s words, Lin Feng grabbed a handful of his hair, and quietened. It was because he knew that each of them would retire, it was just a matter of time. Feeling down was inevitable.

Bo Jiu put her arm on his shoulder and changed her expression. “Rather than thinking about so many useless things, it is better to let Luoluo retire without regret.

Lin Feng didn’t understand her. “How can she retire without regret?”

“There are so many male almighties in this circle. Getting her a boyfriend wouldn’t be hard right?” Bo Jiu blinked her left eye, looking cheeky.

Lin Feng was suddenly enlightened. He immediately clicked into his contact list and started reaching out to others. When Yun Hu saw this, he reached over. “Pass me the car keys, I’ll go heat up the car.”

Lin Feng didn’t care about how intimate it was to ask for his keys and threw the key over.

Bo Jiu tilted her head and smiled while looking at him. She then raised his chin up, “Before introducing Luoluo to a boyfriend, do you need me to help you deal with Almighty Yun?”

Lin Feng widened his eyes. “F*ck, so fast? I’m not prepared yet.”

Bo Jiu had wanted to help him think of a strategy but it seemed like he had been thinking a lot. “For some things, isn’t it better to decide the position as soon as possible?” Bo Jiu simply followed his words. When she exposed her tiger teeth, there was a hint of mischief in her smile.

Lin Feng thought about it. There seemed to be meaning behind her words. “Say, do you think Yun Hu would feel that I am forcing him?”

Bo Jiu almost burst into laughter when she heard that question. “Is it considered coercion if you like someone?” Almighty Yun would probably be begging for it.

Lin Feng inhaled deeply as though he had made a major decision. “I understand.”

Bo Jiu arched her brow. “You understood before I said anything?”

“I just have to be prepared.” Lin Feng smirked, looking confident. “Yun Hu won’t be able to defeat me in a fight.”

Bo Jiu smiled. “Congrats on your victory.”

“Wait for my good news.” Lin Feng wanted to bump fists with Bo Jiu but he was stopped by someone.

Qin Mo swept Lin Feng a glance. “You don’t want your hand anymore?” he asked calmly as though he was stating a fact.

Lin Feng immediately straightened and jumped aside, about a minute away from Bo Jiu before he replied with a serious expression, “Little Spade, haven’t I already told you this many times? There is a difference between men and women. Erm, Captain, I’ll go look if Yun Hu has heated up the car. See you tomorrow.” He escaped hastily.

Qin Mo glanced over to a certain someone and asked, “You did so much. Did Yun Hu ask you for it?”