Chapter 1515 - Bully You Thoroughly at Home

Chapter 1515 Bully You Thoroughly at Home

“Half and half.” Bo Jiu continued to smile. “As the vice-captain of Supreme Alliance, I must care about the emotional lives of the team members. It’s best to digest them internally and to keep good things within the team. ”

“Oh.” Qin Mo let out a cry and asked slowly, “Is it just to keep good things within the team? You asked Lin Feng to take the initiative. Are you sure you’re not being mischievous?”

“I just wanted to divert his attention since he wasn’t feeling well.” Bo Jiu paused. “Luoluo’s retirement is too sudden.”

Qin Mo walked forward indifferently. When he heard her words though, he tilted over. “It won’t be that fast.”

It wouldn’t be that fast? What did he mean? Before Bo Jiu could ask, Qin Mo stuffed the popcorn in her hand. “I have finished acting as cupid with you. Shouldn’t you also go home and do what I like to do, Mrs. Qin?”

There was a kind of person you probably wouldn’t understand if you didn’t fall in love. Once you had fallen in love, you would realize that when there weren’t competitions, his life would revolve around sleeping, feeding his cat, and circling around you. Undoubtedly, the Almighty was such a person.

Bo Jiu glanced at Qin Mo, who was pulling open the car door. His face was so handsome it didn’t seem realistic. He didn’t like to go out but enjoyed staying at home so much it was hard to believe. And any decision he would make could cause economic turmoil in a city.

When he was having a video conference, he would let her lie on the sofa with a cup of water and candy. Anyways, he didn’t allow her to leave his surrounding vicinity. He had even let Princess watch over her.

Letting a cat watch her was an insult to her mobility. Hence, under normal circumstances, Bo Jiu wouldn’t be able to sit still – but the Almighty always seemed to have a strategy against her.

The moment she became fidgety, he would raise his eyebrows at her. “How about a PK?”

“Come.” Bo Jiu had always enjoyed having a one on one battle with the Almighty.

It was obvious that Young Master Qin had never intended to play seriously. Every single time, he would place her on his thighs and they would start playing. Although it was only a mobile game, such a posture really affected Bo Jiu’s performance.

Ever since they had been together, he had become increasingly enchanting.

Fortunately, she had taken him down. But recently, it had become difficult to shock him. It was probably because she had chased after him so ruthlessly before.

Now, the Almighty always liked to talk to her ears when holding her while playing games. He would even go to the washroom with her! When she refused, he would laugh. “Why? Aren’t you coming in to compare our sizes?”

She finally understood what it meant to fill up the pit she had dug. However, she was Bo Jiu after all and there wasn’t anything to be afraid of. When he used the washroom, she would lean against the doorframe and whistle. After whistling about three times, he stopped bringing her to the washroom. Instead, he would press her on the sofa and bully her ruthlessly.

It was probably because he had endured too hard or perhaps because spring had arrived and a certain someone was about to enter university.

Qin Mo did always feel a little fire in his throat, even right now. When he tugged open his collar and turned the steering wheel, his eyes gradually turned dark as he swept his eyes over a certain someone while she ate her popcorn.

Bo Jiu, who was casually sending agitative emails to Lin Feng, didn’t notice this at all. She only felt that the speed was a bit fast.

After arriving at Qin’s house, Bo Jiu wanted to turn on the computer and watch what Luoluo had said during the live stream. However, Qin Mo struck with a backhand and held her down on a leather boss chair…