Chapter 1516 - The Almighty after He Fell in Love

Chapter 1516 The Almighty after He Fell in Love

Bo Jiu was caught off guard. When she saw him pulling his coat slowly, she backed away and wanted to turn around to avoid him.

He seemed to have predicted her actions, however, pressing down onto her long legs one step before her. His handsome face was making her heart race. “When we were at the cinema, didn’t you say you were going to accompany me? Mmh?”

The popcorn she had held before scattered. He took one and placed it between her lips before he lowered his head and kissed it with a gentle force. His breath was so fresh she could only smell a faint minty aroma.

“A honey trap again”, Bo Jiu thought. She couldn’t resist at all. But every time, after she had been bullied by Qin Mo, she felt as though she was fished out of the water. She felt that way even though he never completed the deed.

Her long fringe fell forward, shielding her eyes. Bo Jiu was still recovering when he spoke into her ear, “It’s time for a haircut.”

Bo Jiu didn’t mind, pulling his arm over to lean on. At this moment, her handsome and mischievous face became very obedient.

“You don’t want to cut it?” Qin Mo held her hair, his gaze lowering slightly.

Bo Jiu closed her eyes. “I’m too lazy to go out.”

Laziness was contagious. Thus, Qin Mo said, “I’ll let Madam Zhang prepare the tools tomorrow and I will cut it for you.”

“You know how to?” Bo Jiu opened her eyes lazily.

Qin Mo caressed her head, his voice faint. “I have some experience.”

Bo Jiu was intrigued. “Who did you cut for?”

“Princess.” Qin Mo remained indifferent.

Bo Jiu opened her eyes instantly. “Brother Mo, are you serious?”

“What do you think?” Qin Mo asked.

He was serious. Bo Jiu tried once more, “I still need a handsome hairstyle, it can’t be ruined.”

“Why do you need to be handsome when you have a boyfriend?” Qin Mo asked slowly. “We can no longer take the gifts from the fans.”

Bo Jiu: … What if my jealous boyfriend wants to ruin my hairstyle? Waiting online, it’s urgent.

The next day, Qin Mo didn’t ruin her hairstyle. But it was indeed cut at home with a hairstylist giving guidance by his side. Qin Mo wore a white coat and held a pair of scissors, which made him look extremely sultry.

After the haircut, Bo Jiu became much more refreshed without the stray hair on her forehead. She was the perfect epitome of a school hunk. The hairstylist beside them sighed for a long while.

Qin Mo flicked the stray hair on his hand and removed the white coat, changing into the Supreme Alliance uniform. His gaze deepened. So, what if she was handsome? He was the only one who had her. With her current situation, they had to be together in college.

After the movie was released, there were many people asking about the Asian youngster who played the role of the hacker. The comment section exploded.

Soon, in just one night, all of the discussions had suddenly disappeared. The director replied personally, saying that the actor was a friend who had agreed to do a cameo out of friendship and that she had no intention of becoming an actor.

The reason he had said that was because of a call from Bo Jiu, saying that she would never enter the industry. Qin Mo agreed with this and thus sent many companies away ahead of time.

“You’re paying for her to make a debut?” Young Master Qin put the pen on the desk and leaned backwards. He reached out his hand and tugged open his collar, with a smile at the corner of his mouth. “Mr. Zhang, your information seems to be inaccurate. She proposed to me three days ago and I agreed. If she really wants to make a debut, as her financé, I still have the money to do that. Qin’s entertainment company isn’t just for show, don’t you think?”