Chapter 1517 - A Girl Like Luoluo

Chapter 1517 A Girl Like Luoluo

The entertainment companies that came were shocked by Qin Mo’s words and didn’t dare to come again. After all, the Qin Group could easily crush them. Whether it was money or resources, they were the top of the entire industry. Moreover, … Fiancé… cough cough!

You didn’t even need to use your imagination to know how stunned the bosses of the entertainment companies were.

At that moment, Qin Mo’s assistance broke into a faint smile as he thought to himself that the main focus of his young master’s words hadn’t been his wealth. Instead, it was that he had been proposed to. Boss Qin wanted the entire corporate world to know he was taken…

Mr. Li, whom Qin Mo had asked previously regarding how to raise a younger brother, never received any follow-up questions.

There were some who remained persistent and wanted to speak with Bo Jiu privately. In the end, they realized they had been too naive.

There were some people who the press couldn’t follow easily. After all, the Courtyard wasn’t a place anyone could enter.

Those seniors who had retired often saw Qin Mo take this little kid out for a walk. Occasionally, they would ask the child to help move flowers, and would casually ask, “Did you do your homework?”

As a child that wasn’t disciplined, Bo Jiu would freeze up whenever she was asked such questions. “We can talk about something else.”

After she had been in school, Bo Jiu didn’t sleep. She took a book and read it carelessly. She couldn’t be struck speechless every time she reached home and the Almighty asked what she had learnt.

On another note, the blonde from No. 2 Middle School was here again looking for someone. The main point was that he wanted to study. Bo Jiu was shocked. She sized him up and asked, “Study? You?”

The blonde had an expression that said, “you can study for love, why can’t I?” His actual words were, “That someone wants me to go into a good university, she wants me to work harder.”

“Oh,” Bo Jiu replied. “Who is it?”

“You don’t have to know, ” the blonde replied, feeling suddenly shy.

Bo Jiu tapped the table. “You want me to tutor you?”

“Isn’t that obvious?” The blonde retreated and swept a glance at the people behind. “I originally wanted them to teach me.”

Bo Jiu followed his gaze and saw the group that looked confused. They were street bullies that didn’t even understand elementary level English. “There was probably no progress.”

“They told me all the wrong answers!” the blonde replied in frustration.

Bo Jiu: … Were you trying to study or were you asking for answers?

“Master, you have to help me.” The blonde scratched his head. “I can’t do that badly. Even though it doesn’t seem like much right now, my mom says it will be important when I enter the working world.”

Bo Jiu arched her brow. “Wrong, when you enter the working world, they will look at who your father is.”

The blonde’s face stiffened. “When I can’t make it anymore, I’ll return home to inherit the family business.”

Bo Jiu stuffed a hand into her pants pocket and seemed to have thought of something. She leaned forward and asked, “Is education so important?”

“Anyway, her group of friends always feel that I don’t understand anything. The way they look at me is really… Actually, it doesn’t bother me much.” The blonde turned his head and said, “I don’t want her to be ashamed.”

Bo Jiu’s eyes were calm. “What if the girl’s education is low?”

“I would properly be talked about when she enters the working world.” The blonde pretended to have a deep thought process. “I don’t care. It would be tiring to talk to people with high education levels. Do you know what they will talk about? They would talk about the progress of mankind and ask me how the theory of relativity came into being. If you don’t understand, you have no culture. Aish, that was a blow.”

With that, Bo Jiu’s eyes deepened. “What if it’s a girl like Luoluo?”