Chapter 1518 - Please Don“t Be so Handsome

Chapter 1518 Please Don“t Be so Handsome

“F*ck, Beauty Luo only needs to talk to me about games.” The blonde stared. “Do we need to talk about anything else?”Bo Jiu asked slowly, “Is it appropriate for someone with a girlfriend to call someone else a Beauty?”“My girlfriend is also a Luo fan, I only became a fan of Beauty Luo because of her,” the blonde replied seriously.

“Oh,” Bo Jiu replied. “What do you think about her retirement?”

“I wish it wasn’t so soon.”

Bo Jiu turned her head, her thoughts unknown.

The blonde watched by the side. The more he looked, the more he felt that it was unreasonable for a girl to be so handsome. More importantly, he would unknowingly treat her as a guy. Thinking about the recent encounter, he couldn’t help but ask, “Yes, by the way, Master, I would like to make a request. Can you not be so handsome the next time you show up?”

Bo Jiu lifted a brow. “Mmh?”

“My girlfriend won’t even look at me when you appear, she would just stare at your video.” The blonde sighed. “I even got a haircut because of her but it was useless.”

Bo Jiu glanced at him carelessly. “No wonder the hairstyle looks like mine.”

“Handsome, right?” The blonde touched his head and directed his gaze at Bo Jiu.

Bo Jiu laughed lightly. “You’re asking me if you’re handsome? Are you seeking humiliation?”

The blonde: …

“Alright, let’s go back to the subject.” Bo Jiu toyed with the lighter. “You don’t need to find me to teach you. I’ll give you a suggestion; find your girlfriend and strengthen your relationship while studying. ”

The blonde’s eyes lit up. “Master, how could you have come up with such a great idea?!”

“Otherwise, why do you think I always look for my Almighty for tutoring?” Bo Jiu smiled. “How can you chase a beauty if you don’t even have this means?”

The blonde choked. “Master, does Young Master Qin know you address him as Beauty?”

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Bo Jiu flipped the lighter, looking careless. The blonde could tell she wanted to smoke and passed a cigarette over. Bo Jiu eyed him and bit down on a lollipop. “Not smoking.”

“Master, are you serious? You stopped skipping school and now you’re going to quit smoking as well?” The blonde was shocked.

Bo Jiu replied, “When you marry a wife, you must be ready to cleanse yourself. Quitting smoking isn’t much.”

The blonde: … Young Master Qin probably didn’t know you treated him as a wife…

But finding her had been the right decision. After all, he hadn’t really thought about strengthening their relationship while studying. Hence, he could invite her to his house. The blonde started to blush at the thought. Even though he might seem like a ruffian, he was pure and just the thought made his ears turn red.

When the others from No. 2 Middle School saw him, they were slightly confused. “Boss, what’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong? Go back and study!” the blonde ordered.

The group entered a state of selflessness again. The group from No.2 Middle School used to carry a handle but now they held an English book every day. Geez, they couldn’t even fight anymore. That was the power of love.

Over at No. 1 Middle School, everyone covered their mouth with their hands when they saw Bo Jiu. She was so handsome, especially after her haircut! She was wearing a black hair band, her silver hair pushed to the back, emphasizing the handsome features on her face.