Chapter 1519 - Supreme Alliance is Recruiting

Chapter 1519 – Supreme Alliance is Recruiting

The team must be holding some event even today, hence, Bo Jiu didn’t wear her school uniform. Instead, she was wearing the full black team uniform, looking outstanding amongst a group of high school students.

Bo Jiu was no longer how she had been when she had first arrived. She wasn’t just a school hunk but akin to a celebrity but much more mysterious.

As an esports champion, she had less time to attend school and since they were about to graduate, there weren’t any mandatory classes. Some students with special skills had already left school early and were relatively free.

One could only imagine how the students felt when they saw Bo Jiu. After going round and round, they were basically shouting, “Ahhhhh.”

Some couldn’t help asking, “Almighty Z, why are you wearing the team uniform today?”

They originally assumed there wouldn’t be a reply. Unexpectedly, the youngster paused and replied, “Supreme Alliance is recruiting and those who weren’t in the uniform would be punished.”

Recruiting? The word didn’t just arouse the curiosity of the students in school.Even some esports platforms had begun to become active.

Supreme Alliance was recruiting?

Everyone knew that the last time Supreme Alliance had been recruiting they had met Spade Z. The casting held by Supreme Alliance was still clear in their minds. After all, it had been the first time the new player king in Zone C had made a public appearance. She had also brought North of the Yin Mountain and the famous Renminbi player Feng Shang along. This time, would the recruitment be as successful as before?

It had actually been a year since the first time they had seen Spade Z. One year… time really flew. That also explained why Beauty Luo wanted to retire.

The news from the past two days clearly made the esports players feel uneasy. Since Beauty Luo retired, what about Sanpang, Almighty Xiao… and Almighty Qin? They were from the same batch of professional players.

Even until this day, the video from that year could still be found online. The three of them had beautiful orb walks and game sense.

Basically anyone could be besieged regardless of who it was though and that year, they had met Qin Mo. It was undoubtedly a feast for their eyes even though they had lost. It made others feel as if it was Xiangnan’s era.

Thereafter, that phrase came true. After Qin Mo had a hand injury, no one else in the Chinese gaming circle was able to surpass the three Xiangnan’s Almighty.

From the sorcerer to the adc, Luoluo had tried everything. That was the reason it was memorable.

It was probably their glory, branded in their youth.

There were many people who still remembered the days they had kept them company. Their emotions couldn’t be stabilized. All the fans had a feeling that the Almighties that they loved were starting to retire. Even though it wasn’t an outcome they could accept, they understood that some things couldn’t be forced.

Right at this moment, they received another news: Supreme Alliance was recruiting. The most interesting part was that Almighty Qin wasn’t the chief examiner this time. Instead, it was Spade Z.

Some of the reporters asked, “Almighty Qin, why aren’t you the chief examiner this time? Do you have something planned?”

The question made fans think of the retirement issue again and they started to feel uneasy.

Through the video, Qin Mo tilted his handsome face carelessly. “No, I’ll be accompanying my wife as the assistant examiner. What’s wrong with that?”

The media: …

The fans immediately replied, “Yes, yes! This is the best posture to flaunt your relationship!”