Chapter 152 - Qin Mo Takes Fu Jiu to School in Person

Chapter 152: Qin Mo Takes Fu Jiu to School in Person

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After going through the experience of that thing rising up in the morning, Qin Mo was in no better of a mood than he was last night. On his handsome face, it was written that strangers should not get too close.

Fu Jiu had already changed from her pajamas into her uniform. Her silver hair, light smile, and backpack slung over one shoulder all made her look very handsome and energetic.

She seemed to have slept well.

Few people ever came here. Now that the youngster was at home, Aunt Zhang made four kinds of breakfast to go – fried bread slices, fried dough sticks, steamed buns, and vegetable porridge. She smiled happily and let Fu Jiu eat more.

There was no doubt that Fu Jiu could not refuse her nice treats. She very gratefully ate the food, especially the golden-colored fried bread slices. They were crispy outside and tender inside once put into her mouth. It was very delicious.

But Fu Jiu could not finish the entire dish on her own. The Almighty only drank milk in the morning while holding a business newspaper in his hand; apparently, he did not want to help her finish it.

Fu Jiu was unwilling to disappoint Aunt Zhang, so she put everything remaining into the lunch box.

Aunt Zhang was happy to see that. “It seems that Young Master Jiu has many friends. Our young master has never brought breakfast for his classmates.”

“Not because I have many friends, but because my deskmate is good to me,” Fu Jiu smiled, “I also want her to taste the food you made.”

Aunt Zhang loved to hear what the youngster said. When she saw that the youngster was going to school, she unwillingly sent him off at the door. “Remember to come along with our young master next time. The madam will also be here, and she will definitely like you when she meets you.”

“Well.” Fu Jiu sat in the car and curled up the corners of her lips towards Aunt Zhang.

Qin Mo just sat next to the boy and glanced indifferently at the extra box of fried bread slices in the boy’s hands. After a while, he commanded the driver in a cold voice, “Drive.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Although the driver knew that the tone of his young master was not good, he did as Qin Mo told him. He still first drove the car to Jiang City No.1 Middle School.

The car of Qin family was very attractive, whether in terms of its vehicle type or license plate.

Luckily, there were not many students coming to school at this time.

However, when the car appeared, it still drew much attention among the students.

Xue Yaoyao, who was originally wearing headphones and memorizing words, saw the people’s unusual reactions, so she turned her body to take a look at the spectacle.

What she saw was a youngster with silver hair getting out of an extended, black Lincoln. If it was not their Highness Jiu, who else could it be?

Xue Yaoyao saw that face and quickly walked towards him. “Good morning, Your Highness Jiu.”

Fu Jiu just got out of the car. She turned her head and met the Xue Yaoyao’s smile. She then turned her gaze towards Qin Mo. “Well, Brother Mo, I’m going first. Be careful on the road.”

After saying that, Fu Jiu waved her hand. With the black backpack on one shoulder, she casually placed one hand in the pocket of her pants and walked towards Xue Yaoyao with a smile.

Xue Yaoyao’s face turned red when the youngster got closer to her.

She was so excited to see Highness Jiu that she totally forgot they were at the school gate. She didn’t know if she would badly affect Highness Jiu now that she had greeted him in this way.

Thinking of it, Xue Yaoyao looked around and saw that some girls were pointing at them. Their eyes and brows revealed that they were gossiping, causing Xue Yaoyao to feel uncomfortable as she twisted her fingers.

“Good morning.” The boy came over, bringing with him a wonderful sugary scent, but he turned a blind eye to the gossip around and smiled radiantly and beautifully as usual.