Chapter 1520 - Bo Jiu Teases her Little Apprentice

Chapter 1520 – Bo Jiu Teases her Little Apprentice 

“Hahaha, this is hilarious. Begging for the interviewer’s thoughts.”

“Honestly, you shouldn’t ask Almighty Qin anything; he is able to handle everything.”

“My Almighty Qin must be feeling insecure because his girlfriend is too handsome.”

“I have been fed a lot about their relationship recently but I don’t mind being fed more.”

“Ah! I’m looking forward to the recruitment this time, I wonder what sort of amazing people will appear.”

With the influx of discussions, the recruitment news suddenly became a hot topic that couldn’t be neglected. As per usual, Supreme Alliance would hold a recruitment every year.

Bo Jiu still remembered that she had met Feng Shang during the internal recruitment. However, she hadn’t been recruited internally since she hadn’t been the most well behaved. Mmh, that hadn’t changed…

As the chief examiner, Bo Jiu would need to sit in that position and not move about randomly. After sitting for about fifteen minutes, she became lazy. She tilted her head towards Qin Mo, “Brother Mo, I’ll go buy a bottle of water.”

“This is just the first batch,” Qin Mo said calmly. “You can’t sit still for the first batch? Go and come back after you buy your water, don’t run around.”

“Alright.” Bo Jiu straightened. With both hands into her pocket, she smiled happily.

Qin Mo was still looking at several screens in front of him. On each screen was the combat video that was sent to their mailbox.

The unified requirements were for a single row high-end game, with randomly matched passersby and fill-in heroes.

Supreme Alliance was very particular about the hero pool this year. It was obvious they were looking for all-round players. From the fact that Bo Jiu wanted to go out halfway through, it was obvious that nothing had caught her eye.

To a certain extent, the Almighty had asked her to be the chief examiner to watch over her. Bo Jiu caressed her hair and walked towards the vending machine. She dumped a few coins in but didn’t press anything.

Just then, she heard a loud “bang” sound!

Something rang between her long legs. That was when she realized there was someone else, someone that wasn’t very big nor small.

Squatting down to take a bottle of mineral water, the person was carrying a single-colored backpack and was indeed very unnoticeable.

Their eyes met. Bo Jiu was met with a noble looking small face. The little person paused after seeing her.

Bo Jiu arched her brow and turned, her gaze deepening before she teased like an uncle, “Little kid, you look familiar. The red keyboard in your bag is exposed.”

There was no expression on the little kid’s face. After a hmm, she began to organize her backpack. After a moment’s thought, she passed a bottle of mineral water over.

It was this action that made Bo Jiu’s eyes flash. Then she smiled. “I wondered why you look familiar. It turns out to be you, the kid who gave me tickets to the Asian Cup.”

“Almighty Z.” The little kid’s voice was cold but her ears were red.

Bo Jiu found her interesting. She thus reached for the bottle of water and thanked her. She continued to watch the little kid. “Isn’t it tiring to carry a keyboard with you?”

The little kid took another bottle of water and replied, “I am used to it.”

Bo Jiu arched her brow; she reached her fingers out to poke the little kid’s face.

The little kid still had the same expression as before. She was looking at Bo Jiu emotionlessly but the back of her ears was red…